Video & Audio: Top Communist Jew: Ronnie Kasrils: Race War: Blacks might kill Whites, but hopefully kill less Jews

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This is a small excerpt from a private meeting I attended in Johannesburg. The top Jewish communist, Ronnie Kasrils, was invited to a house by a Jew, to discuss his latest book.

The full discussion will be aired in a later video.

In these two very short excerpts, you will hear him discussing the Jewish view that in a race war in South Africa, that the Jews, being “white” (I will discuss this more), are hoping that the Blacks will kill less Jews, and less English speakers than the Afrikaners/Boers. He implies that the people who will be slaughtered the most are Boere/Afrikaners, and that Jews will be killed less.

There is a LOT more from this meeting, and from what he said, which I recorded, which I will discuss and show to you. In total there are 4 videos that I’ve made wherein you hear what he says, and I discuss it. This is the first of the 4.

I recorded this on 25th January 2020 here in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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