Video & Audio: The Portuguese NIGHTMARE: Interracial Love & Super Race War


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Every single thing a Jew and Liberal tells you about race is a lie. Take EVERYTHING that you have been told about race and throw it away. The way things really work is completely different. Race is REAL and eventually it comes home to roost in a number of ways which are ugly.

Every major civilisation which whites have created has fallen to race mixing (miscegenation). This remains the biggest unsolved problem that whites face. Can we survive this in the future? Is there proof that we ever survived this in the past?

This is the first serious video wherein I discuss the Portuguese and their adventures in Africa. In here I also give some background about the Portuguese and the whites of southern Africa. 5.2 million whites in southern Africa had the best real estate on the planet and we controlled a massive land area larger than Europe and maybe bigger than half the USA. We could have brought in 200-300 million whites here, to create a new USA, but sadly, we lost most of it.

We look at whether the Portuguese suffered from genetic damage (fall in intelligence) as a result of race mixing with blacks which Jews among them encouraged tremendously in the 16th century.

The Portuguese, to their credit (and the credit of the Spanish), drove the Jews out of Portugal between 1440-1550.

I also discuss eugenics and whether whites as a race can be fixed or improved through a humane method of “breeding”. WE NEED LOTS OF WHITE CHILDREN – EVERYWHERE!

In this video I point out that the Portuguese had a fabulous leader, their “Hitler”, Salazaar. They had a “Portuguese Youth” modelled on the “Hitler Youth”. And these Portuguese put up a tremendous struggle … the most determined struggle of ANY European country in modern times, to keep their empire. They were well on their way to WINNING and smashing the blacks when they were destroyed by other, larger world forces.

In the next video I will discuss the black attempts to genocide the Portuguese people in Africa, along with the Portuguese counter-extermination of the blacks. The most vicious racial struggle to ever take place in Africa was between the Portuguese and the blacks.

If what Liberals and Jews had told you was true, then there never should or could have been a race war between the Portuguese and blacks. But as always, Jews and Liberals have been LYING TO YOU! Being nice to the blacks, and continuously giving in to them, will NOT change the eventual outcome. Eventually the clashes WILL COME!

Don’t miss the next video where we will look at the most brutal fighting that ever took place between blacks and whites in Africa. There you will see the courage of the Portuguese and how much they helped the rest of us whites. They were the only European nation to STAND FIRM and FIGHT BACK in Africa, and for that they deserve goodwill and credit from other whites. They did us PROUD!

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