Video & Audio: The GREATEST Secret of all: NAZI Economics

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I have concluded that the most important secret of all, of National Socialism (aka NAZISM), lies in the economic system that Hitler had. But what exactly was this system, and how did it function?

Since it was socialism, wasn’t it like Jewish Communism? I explain why this was not so.

WW2’s real cause had nothing to do with Hitler’s politics. It was his economic successes, and his revolutionary way of running a country without being controlled by Jewish bankers and Jewish super-rich, that was the real cause.

I also discuss interest rates and how the NAZIs did something that has never been seen in any society before, i.e. debt forgiveness. The German Govt could write off your debt if you produced children.

Hitler banned Jewish chain stores and had the most family friendly and small-business-friendly, government in history.

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