Video & Audio: The Empire of the White (European) Race (full length)

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Video: How Rhodesia & South Africa killed 1 million+ Blacks after Portuguese Collapse
This is the story of something that the Rhodesians kicked off in desperation after the Portuguese had collapsed. Its effect lasted decades and huge numbers of Blacks died and it had massive effects on a Black nation. In this video I also discuss many deeper things including my discussions with President PW Botha.

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In this video I go into much more detail about us. I discuss Blood & Soil, probably in a way that’s never been discussed before. I realised, upon closer research that my conception of Blood & Soil is totally different to what is normally used. I discuss, what I think is the most important part of Blood & Soil, and that is the military angle.

In this video I also look more closely at even the white population of South Africa and what territory we dominate.

And finally, we look at the most detailed map, yet produced, which shows EXACTLY, all the places on the Earth that are dominated by our race.

Whites have been totally confused by the Jews. White Liberals have a completely incorrect understanding of race. While whites on the white right think we’re doomed to die soon, when they look at population statistics.

I also discuss why the term “White” might be problematic for us, and why we should all revert to calling ourselves the “European Race”.

We are ignoring the most important thing of all … territory…

In this video I discuss what would happen if we had a worldwide race war starting, NOW! What if we threw away all national borders and created a worldwide white ethnostate right now? What are we capable of? What is realistic?

Let me show you, the current … EMPIRE OF THE WHITE RACE!

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