Video & Audio: South Africa’s BIG Corona Virus Shock…

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South Africa’s first Corona virus case occurred the other day. I only realised the other day what a huge scare had occurred in SA. It was only when I had a chat to a pharmacist that I heard the crazy story of the panic.

South Africa’s President Ramaphosa says that the virus will hit the country hard.

World maps show that there are very few cases of the corona virus in Africa. But is this true?

I give my analysis of what I know and have found out, and how I think this will play itself out. This might be very good for whites around the world I think.

6 thoughts on “Video & Audio: South Africa’s BIG Corona Virus Shock…

  • 15th March 2020 at 5:51 am

    There is something sinister going on with the panic crazed media and governments. Huge numbers of people were affected by Swine flu including most children and no closing schools and banning public gatherings, etc. Who is going to sweep in and buy up for a song all the bankrupted and failing businesses and properties caused by this Conona panic? The Chinese themselves would not hesitate to kill a million or so of their own people if it meant they could further buy up land and means of production in the west. Also what about the plans of the Jews who are directing the media in this panic?

      • 15th March 2020 at 6:39 am

        Thanks. I will read this. This whole weirdness has some evil purpose which is leaving many with a sense of foreboding. The Jews are spiritual vampires and feed on fear and panic as they did with 911. Strange that this is coming down during Lent, the most important time of year for Christians. God bless you, Jan. You are a good man and I appreciate your work for the white race.

  • 9th March 2020 at 9:13 pm

    Ramapussa is going to use it along with the communists to justify why the economy is bad.
    It is going to be used to justify the taking of land.
    It could also be that under all of this, the West is sending military people to Africa.
    They will use this to justify the raiding of pension funds, they will say the economy is screwed & so must tap pension funds to fix the economy.
    These savages need exterminating out of every white country, today they steal from the white man. Tomorroz he goes Europe & making another excuse because white man stole from him, its ok to head to Europe.
    This savage can only steal, corrupt, it needs exterminating out of civilization or it will drag you down, chew you up & destroy you

  • 9th March 2020 at 6:35 pm

    can You Appreciate the Progress of White People Held Back By Jealous jews???? ALL of this should have been done. FIXED…. We Should Have Already Found Ways to Live To 133 years…. Life Would Have Been at the least 88% Better…. if English “Not british because the british cult is what Americans PUNCHED OUT of Here.” Italians, Irish,Scottish Zealanders,Dutch, Australians French, Germans, White Russians etc….
    Even Creating Ways of washing ceilings and walls to Real Doctors Not practicers There’s Nothing. ZERO CREATIVITY of Sustainable Uses right up to Information By Honorable Reporters Such as Yourself Jan…. Zero Platforms except for them Mediocre talents….


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