Video & Audio: Professor Quigley: Evolution of Civilisation: How the American Elite Think


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DON’T MISS THIS VIDEO: This is one of the very most important videos I have ever made. I urge people to study this closely. What I am going to tell you in this video, are things you’ve definitely NEVER HEARD. Quigley became infamous in the 1960s among the Right Wing (John Birch Society) because of his conspiratorial book: Tragedy & Hope. That book has always been the focus of attention on Quigley. But he did something much more important for most of his life. He spent 30 years lecturing at university in the USA on the Evolution of Civilisations. Famous people, including Bill Clinton were in his class. In this video, I summarise and extract the essence of the Evolution of Civilisations along with my critiques of what is wrong and also, what this could mean for Whites.

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