Video & Audio: If I were to die TOMORROW, the most important final thing I’d tell you all…

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Video & Audio: Israeli Snipers were killing American Soldiers in Iraq
This is an extremely nasty story which I suspect has been totally covered up by the Mass Media. It appears this was well known to American soldiers and officers who fought in Iraq after 911. This story is probably classified.It is about (IDF) Israeli Defence Force snipers engaging in false-flag operations and killing American troops.

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One day when I was reading a book I was so impressed with it that I thought that if I only had a few hours or minutes of my life left, that I know what I could recommend to all Whites!

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Video: The Great Jewish Mask: Part 1 The Jewish ass in the Lions Skin
This is part 1 of the 6 part series I did on The Great Jewish Mask.

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