Video & Audio: European Information & NS views on Russia’s Ukraine War & Azov Regiment

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In this interview, you’ll hear from 2 White National Socialists in Europe whom I have known personally for quite a long time. The one is in Germany and the other is in Bulgaria. They monitor the Russians, in Russian and they have some very interesting information and thoughts on what is really going on in Ukraine as well as what the Russians are up to.

Why is Europe dependent on Russian gas and oil? Well, you’ll hear some shocking things.

Did you know what Russia signed an agreement with the USA acknowledging the independence of Ukraine? Did you know that in the Russian parliament it was stated, late in 2021, that on 22nd February 2022, that Russia would once again be a Great Power?

Is Germany really “Free” and “Democratic?”

You’ll hear some straight talk from Europeans. This show was recorded on: 2022-05-08.

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