Video & Audio: BB9 Snack Shack: White Americans: DON’T EVER BELIEVE IN DIVERSITY – EVER!!!


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Africa: Witchcraft fears: Newborn babies bashed to death
Blacks in Africa believe the craziest Witchcraft nonsense. In this story you will see the kind of junk they believe and then if need be they kill their own babies.

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I also added in 30 minutes of my own video and discussion about why Diversity is very bad for America or any other Western nation. Frederick interviewed me and we ended up discussing the problems of diversity.

This show was recorded on 2023-12-16.

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2005: S.Africa: Soweto: Did Black school boys keep dogs for sex?
This was a Mass Media news story about 4 Black boys who kept 12 dogs for sex. In this article you‘ll also see Blacks having sex with goats and sheep.

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