Video: An Englishman Piers Morgan who called out Madonna for the ugly hideous, sexually tasteless Jewish hag that she is…

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Video: Human Evolution: What are Jews and why they are VERY DANGEROUS!
We take a scientific look at Jews. I compare their behaviour to that of parasites that live on animals. I look at the behaviour of Whites and Jews in the same was that we would study the behaviour of animals, and we look at actual film footage.

[This is brilliant. This is the best of the British. On those rare occasions where a Brit just stands up and tells the truth in a way that really bites. Madonna is truly living up to being a Jewish hag. Jews are tasteless scum and garbage. This is a laugh. This is really funny. Jews are just tasteless worthless sacks of shit. There is no better way to put it. Just human garbage actually. Watch this and have a good laugh. This is why I say, if Whites were themselves, they would not even take Jews seriously. They'd just mock them and kick them up their asses and send them packing. But Jews would now cry that they're being holocausted if you gave them a solid kick up their backsides. Whichever way you look at it, Jews are garbage. He called Madonna "The greatest train wreck embarrassment in the history of world entertainment!" This is a great laugh. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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USA: Black man stabs White woman and has sex with her as she dies...
I was a big fan of the show Medical Detectives. This story really got to me. And this Black man was not even executed.

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