Video: AMERICA’S TOP JEWISH POLICE-HAG: VP Harris swears in Deborah Lipstadt as envoy to combat anti-Semitism

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Video: Why White Men have been losing Wars since WW2
For a very long time Ive pondered why White men have lost so many of these racial conflicts since WW2. In this video we look at quite a number of things that affect war. We take a specially close look at the Vietnam War and the Rhodesian War. The Vietnam war is unquestionably the greatest disaster that White men have experienced in a RACIAL WAR.

[This is dreadful and hideous on so many levels. The disgusting anti-White bitch Harris swearing in the Jewish hag-bitch into the totally fake position as the "envoy to combat anti-Semitism". She is basically America's TOP JEWISH POLICEMAN! These scum will carry on until the common people can't handle it any more. Whites are constantly being pushed into a corner. This Jewish bitch Lipstadt was massively funded by the Jewish scum to defeat poor David Irving, the greatest hero to come out of Britain! All these people watching this garbage swearing in ceremony, are fools. That room is filled with fools and weak crap who are allowing the Jews to get away with their garbage. This is so puke-worthy. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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