Video: 2nd Anglo Boer War: The German movie Europe saw

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This is the most pro-Boer movie I have ever come across. Boers are normally depicted by the British/Jewish/Americans as retards and fools. But here is a movie made by the Germans during WW2 which show the Boers as a very brave, honest, upright people who are willing to DIE for their principles rather than surrender.

Few people know that Adolf Hitler as a young man was deeply interested in the Boers and that he spoke about them later when he was the Chancellor of Germany.

Dr Goebbels approved this movie which describes the Anglo-Boer war and the history of the Boers. It was shown across Europe. Some of the best actors and actresses in Germany had roles in this movie. This movie is the greatest tribute ever paid to the Boers and it comes from the Germans in WW2.

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