Video: 2018: Analysis: Can Russia invade Europe? What of Nuclear war? How would it go?

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2009: German Magazine Spiegel says: South Africa Has Become a De Facto One-Party State
This is the only time that a major Western publication ever stated the obvious truth: That South Africa is a one party state. The best we can hope for is that the Blacks will fight it out among themselves eventually.

This video is pretty compact, but it touches on many important things. It’s prediction of a Russian invasion of Eastern Europe as well as how this could go, including the nuclear response, is accurate.

NEVER UNDERESTIMATE AIR POWER and it’s importance. Air power is more potent than tanks on the ground. This video analysis is not bad at all. A lot of this is militarily valid:

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Video: Decapitation: How the Boers dealt with violent crowds of Blacks
A young Boer I knew, Gilbert, told me of the time in the early 1990s when he served in the South African Army and was stationed in the townships. He described the tactics the Boers used to smash violent black crowds with a minimum loss of life.

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