Very Quick Note: The Elites & Jews are out to destroy & maybe even murder Trump

I was busy working on 2 quick videos regarding Donald Trump and this election. I must tell you, Trump has made extremely powerful enemies who have the ability to move and control almost any part of US society and business.

I was especially fascinated by what Liberals said, especially a guy named Keith Olbermann. But there were also Jews.

I think that the wildest time of Trump is yet to come, and that from the moment he leaves office that they are out to ruin him and destroy him for good. They will try to ruin him through scandals and lawsuits and I am certain they will try to ruin him financially. He may be a billionaire, but right wing billionaires have been destroyed before.

I know he’s not right wing. But he has created many very powerful enemies. Many! And they HATE HIM.

I know that Trump is very afraid of being poisoned by food. But they can kill him in many other ways, especially due to his age.

I don’t think they will try to kill him immediately.

But I think if they see that they are struggling to destroy him and that maybe his popularity soars, that they will then kill him. He’s quite old. He could "drop dead" a few years from now from a "heart attack" and nobody would notice.

The fact that Big Tech has begun banning him, shows the moves of the powerful. But there are others who are wildly vengeful. The Keith Olbermann video is quite freaky. I will show it to you shortly.

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