VERY IMPORTANT: WHITE REVOLUTION?: 30th October 2017 – War over Farm Murders? – Plaasmoord – Plaasmorde


Monday 30th is BLACK MONDAY for the Boers & other whites. The issue at hand is over the Farm Murders. The basic theme is that people wear black shirts to show their unhappiness over the murder of the farmers – which never stops. In a few hours time I’ll be releasing a bunch of videos regarding this topic.

This is a map from several years ago showing the location of farm attacks around Johannesburg.

All I want to say here now, is that this topic has somehow (for reasons I’ve not established yet) become something that has finally fired people up especially Boers. I began getting caught up in it round about the middle of last week and I began liaising with people and talking to people and hearing things. This went on and looked very promising as if a Boer Revolution is about to break out. I’ve never seen the Boers so irritated over something. Truly we are on the edge of what could have been a revolution. But just as my hopes were rising that something was going to happen my contacts, especially in Pretoria West indicated that this thing is going to fizzle out.

What makes this unique is that I’ve never seen such focused anger from the placid, Bible-reading Boers. This COULD have been the start of something big. But it won’t be. It is going to be stage-managed by the Liberals (Jews and Liberal scum of the DA) and the utter sellouts, like FW De Klerk and his (Jewish-funded) organisations like Afriforum into something much more mellow. The aim is to make it a big event (either in November or December) with maybe 50,000 people descending on Pretoria and heading to the Union buildings, where our dog-shit worthless representatives go to waste our time and money.

I first heard about this because those awesome whites in Pretoria West, who fought the blacks with their fists and rocks (and some shots were fired too!!) – told me about it. And they had already been angered because someone who had lived in their area had moved to a farm and was brutally killed last week. They were so angered that the talk was that they wanted to go and shut down streets and cause mayhem in Pretoria on Monday 30th. I was all game for this and I was waiting for the final confirmation. I was told I must be there at 7am on Monday morning. But then I began getting news that this was not going to happen and my contact said that the energy and anger had fizzled out. He said he’s going to be in Brits on Monday, joining the angry Boers there.

We whites have *NEVER* done anything rebellious en masse and this was our chance over a deeply sore point – the endless torture and murder of white farmers, especially Boers. Something very real, very genuine, FROM THE HEART was at work last week.

In the midst of watching this unfold, a series of “Boer Action” groups were forming via the electronic media. I was sent a link to join. So I joined 2 of them. Then I began hearing of “Afriforum” (i.e. Former President FW De Klerk and his traitors being involved in this big event) – so I began asking questions. I began asking “Who is behind this?” I wanted to know if the Liberal scum were starting to move in on something promising. To me it seemed as if something that had massive potential was beginning to fizzle out and before I left the groups I noticed lots of people leaving.

I was very keen to join any of these groups if they did anything and to make contact with them with regard to attending a Boer/White protest in either Pretoria or Johannesburg. When I asked which events were still on, I was told that Monday’s event was CANCELLED. But very late on Sunday suddenly I heard “Go” – something is on. I had been especially keen to get to the people of Pretoria West because they’ve got great spirit and last week already, a very large number of them, possibly, 1,500 had already had their own evening “convoy” where they filled up a road and drove slowly down it in remembrance of their dead friend who had been murdered the week before. I have film footage of their night time convoy. So they were already fired up and they were talking about blocking certain roads and causing MAYHEM on Monday morning. But my contact in Pretoria West then told me that everyone was a loud-mouth and nothing was going to happen and that he’d opted to head to Brits.

The noise regarding this event on Monday was coming from many sources and there are some extremely interesting videos that came out.

Even the Ministor of Police issued a letter which I have a copy of, which warned the whites about resorting to violence and breaking the law. This was something totally contrary to what the blacks do in South Africa almost every day.

So to be honest with you, the info coming at me has been somewhat chaotic and I’m not quite sure of all the personalities and organisations involved. I was very keen on joining a group and being there to film and photograph something on Monday. But I have nothing to go on. Everything has lead to a dead end.

So I’m going to put out the videos that I did and we’ll have to see what happens.

But in all my 36 years in South Africa I think the last time I saw such tension among the Boers was before the 1994 election when quite a large number of whites were getting ready for war.

My current assessment is that there seem to be strong forces moving in to kill the mood. These could be Liberals, most likely – whom I nowadays regard as the ENEMY of every white person! The Liberals ALWAYS kill off and suppress the natural (survival instincts) of the whites. I’ll put up various videos I’ve received and I’ll number them all as BRWR (for Boer Revolution, White Revolution) – and they’ll be much shorter than my normal videos.

What also happened last week was that there were some very good videos made by Boers who were sick to death of the farm murders. These videos were short and seemed to be from the heart.

One question I do have is whether this is all truly spontaneous or whether someone co-ordinated or created these videos? The consensus among my friends and contacts is that these videos are from the heart and that there’s no campaign behind this.

So I’ll have to monitor this and see what feedback I get from people.

It might be that there were some Boers and whites who were truly sick to death of these murders and when they got angered and fired up, that others, more cowardly or tepid or just enemy agents – came to pour cold water on their mood.

But I will tell you, it seems to me, that among the Boers (more than among the whites in general) – that this issue of Farm Murders is a very, very sore point and we might have had something akin to a flash-point. But when I say “flash point” I don’t mean that white men would start running around and shooting (though I believe that is going to be utterly necessary one day). I mean that the whites are getting angry enough to become confrontational and emotional and to be starting to say wild things and maybe get involved in protests and fist fights – that sort of thing. (Though, to be honest, I think there are quite a few who long for the day of just grabbing a rifle – and I reiterate that I think this will one day become a necessity – we won’t be taken seriously UNTIL WE GET NASTY!)

In one of my discussions with one of these group leaders he began with the Liberal line “this is NOT about race.” That I’m afraid is a Liberal line, its pure nonsense. It IS about race. The WHITE FARMERS, especially the Afrikaans-speakers are being targetted for murder and have been for over 20 years.

So that’s where things stand now. According to one news report I got late on Sunday Evening, big things will be happening in Pretoria on Monday morning.

Another line I’ve heard AGAIN, when the “cold water” people arrived – is this line: “Don’t talk about Politics”. Again, pure nonsense. We SHOULD talk about RACE and we MUST talk about POLITICS. But I see all sorts of diversions coming including men holding guns and also holding the Bible and then telling us that we must first read the Bible before picking up the gun so that we listen to what God wants. Well, I have yet to see someone read the Bible and then pick up his gun – at least in my life time I’ve never seen this. Maybe the Germans or the Confederates did that, but I’ve certainly never seen it in southern Africa.

So there are some things that give me a nagging feeling that there’s a bit more to this than meets the eye. Whether it was someone who started this and had a plan in mind all along – or whether it was something sponteneous that began, which Govt+Liberals+Elite decided to take control of and pour cold water on – I don’t know.

One thing which I am wondering about as I consider what’s happened in the past few days is whether the same Jewish/Elite/Rich/Liberal scum who’ve been firing up the blacks this year against Zuma are themselves behind this with the goal of firing up the Boers to help the DA (Democratic Alliance – read: Jewish scum) get Boer votes? And when I heard rumours of Afriforum and some mention of the DA I began to wonder and ask questions but then everything “dried up” as if I was struggling to get further information. So there is a part of me that is asking as before: WHO IS DRIVING THIS? When I asked that question I found myself being pushed aside quickly.

We’ll just have to keep our eyes and ears open and monitor the situation. But unquestionably something swept across the Boers this last week or so. Something stirred whites like I’ve not seen in a long time.

There’s a Facebook page called: farm2parliament and it seems this group is part of this or playing a big role in it. I can’t join it because I’m currently banned from joining or participating in groups. But this is the link:

Ernst Roets has a Facebook page that may be worth following. He seems to have good info on it:

The traitor FW De Klerk’s Afriforum has this page and now suddenly they too are in on the act. (When Afriforum is there then you know its safe for the White Sellouts to suddenly pretend to be MEN!):

Farm2Parliament says this is happening on 16th November. The date I’d heard elsewhere was 1st December.

On Wednesday this week Bikers 911 will be doing a protest ride in Cape Town regarding the Farm Murders.

I don’t think anything violent is going to happen. It sounds as if anything that happens will have been the result of official requests to the Police. Whatever happens will merely be a protest. So despite the anger last week and the talk of blocking roads and cutting off the traffic and causing mayhem – at this point it really doesn’t seem to me as if this will happen. I will post the only news article that I have in this regard which claims this will be happening.

Whatever happens on Monday, it does seem as if something is going to be stirring over this next month with regard to the Farm murders, but it seems to me all the white Liberal trash and traitors will be hogging the lime light and they, the liars and cowards will be speaking on behalf of the rest of us. Then they’ll lick the black govt’s backside to please do something about it.

For the record, the black Govt, the ANC (African National Congress) have denied that “farm murders” even exist as a problem and ALSO for the record they DISBANDED the Farmers’ Commando Units which were formed by the white farmers FOR SELF PROTECTION. The ANC disbanded them many years ago and the ANC “promised” they would see to it that the Police would protect the farmers. Since that time 1,000 or 2,000 ADDITIONAL white Farmers have been KILLED while the Govt PROMISED they “would be protected by the Police”. So that should show you how little the bloody ANC give a shit. There was even an instance in the Free State where black members of the SANDF (South African National Defence Force) – the Army – were caught for carrying out a farm murder!

All these things should show you that the ANC and the blacks feel dog shit for the whites. They laugh up their sleeves and have LIED about the farm murders for over 20 years!

Do you think anything will change now? I say as I’ve always said that the only solution to our problems are: WHITE MEN WITH GUNS!