Very Important: Suidlanders official statement on getting ready for legal actions against Jan Lamprecht (& others?)


On Friday, I got a phone call at my home from someone saying that he is the legal representative for the Suidlanders. He asked if I am Jan Lamprecht. I said Yes. He gave out a physical address and asked me if that is where I live. I said Yes. He said I can expect a Legal Letter to be delivered from the Suidlanders regarding my website.

I did not want to say anything openly on my websites about this phone call. But today I received the screen shot below from a friend. This seems to have been posted on the site: It is in Afrikaans. So let me translate it for you:

“We get enqiries especially from new members with regard to a campaign to discredit (as we expected) Gustav, SL and Simon Roche. We are in the process of deciding on various crimen injuria and/or civil lawsuits and/or a public debate. Our legal department is busy gathering all the evidence in our policy of transparency to show it to you.”

So the Suidlanders are getting ready for legal actions or other actions. Since they phoned me on Friday, I definitely am on their list of people they are targeting. Whether I will be the only one remains to be seen, but I suspect I will be the primary focus of their efforts.

It is interesting to see them stating that they have a “policy of transparency” there days, because that is in contrast to the emails I published some time back:

Transparency is indeed something that will be welcomed by everyone I’m sure. So watch this space for more updates relating to the Suidlanders’ moves.

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