VERY IMPORTANT: Jewish ADL BOAST: Cash-strapped white supremacists are turning to cryptocurrency and crowdfunding – My comments


[IMPORTANT: Read how our ENEMY VIEWS US! Critical!

Here the Jews are at work, lying about us to other whites, but the key here is how the Jews ABUSE OUR SYSTEMS IN OUR COUNTRIES IN ORDER TO HARRASS US! Think about that! Jews are able to take processes and turn them against whites and to spend much of their time directing whites to attack other whites. Don’t miss the last paragraph in this. The link to the entire ADL report is on the bottom and its broken into short sections. Its not a difficult read. But they proudly boast at how badly funded the white right is. And they say that more big companies will come down on us! Interesting! They say though, that we’re agile and that we must be watched closely so that we clearly don’t succeed. They point out that only the best among us can make a slim living out of this – at best. So here we have our ENEMY at work describing us. This is worthy of closer analysis. Now all of this is why we must BREAK OUT and form our own structures more and more.

I don’t believe all their predictions herein. I have some thoughts of my own. But here you can see the Jew at work and again ask yourself the question: How is it that the Jew manages to turn our own structures, our own society, people of OUR OWN RACE AGAINST US SO THAT WE ARE THE MINORITY (apparently). Just think about that. Ponder that. How much of this is due to the Jew being the GREATEST LIAR THAT EVER WALKED THE FACE OF THE EARTH and how he works on our people.

The entire report consists of 7 short pieces – not long reads. But I’m going to put the one about the Jewish scum ADL’s predictions of the FUTURE on the bottom. I think that is worth special reading. Its important to KNOW YOUR ENEMY and when your enemy writes something direct for his enemy audience, it can make for some interesting reading. Now as white people we must move forward by finding ways AROUND all their obstructions because clearly they’re trying to kill us before we get big. We are like babies who must be killed before we grow into adulthood. That is clearly the enemy’s goal here. This is all a rerun of Germany, Italy, Hungary and the rest of Europe in the 1920’s-1930’s … and Europe was WINNING until the dumb-asses known as “the allies” (i.e. whites outside Europe) came to fight our own and had “allies” like the freaking Soviet Union! Unbelievable. But we’re back at that stage and as Alex Linder once said to me, things might be HARDER for us now because of the setbacks of the DUMB WAR we call “WW2”.

We’re white people. We must remain used to an ENEMY at our door & we must find ways to fight this enemy regardless of how bleak things may be. We’re white people and we’re not quitters. Jan]

It’s not easy to get paid to be a white supremacist. In fact, according to a new report from the Anti-Defamation League, many work pro bono. But since most of the largest payment processors now refuse to do business with them, some racist organizations have begun soliciting money in unorthodox ways.

“The most significant new type of funding for the white supremacist movement,” says the ADL report, “is crowdfunding or crowdsourcing.” These groups have gone to platforms like Indiegogo, GoFundMe, and FundRazr to garner financial support. They even started building their own sites to raise funds so they wouldn’t have to comply with other platforms’ terms of service. In fact, there’s a white supremacist clone of Patreon–called Hatreon–which is allegedly raising thousands of dollars every month.

(Update: GoFundMe has provided Fast Company with this statement:  “White nationalists and neo-nazis cannot use GoFundMe to promote hatred, racism, or intolerance, and if a campaign violates GoFundMe’s terms of service, we’ll remove it from the platform.”)

Even after raising the cash, hate groups often have trouble actually receiving it, since prominent payment processors refuse to work with them. To circumvent this, says the ADL’s report, some white supremacist groups turn to cryptocurrency for digital payments. Prominent hate groups print their bitcoin address on their website and say the digital currency is their preferred method of payment.

Digital currency or not, hate groups are running into the same issue—many electronic cryptocurrency processors also refuse to do business with them. One prominent hate group leader, somewhat ironically,  “must have his Bitcoin donations mailed to his post office address,” according to the report.

The ADL writes that, even with these technological advances, “the white supremacists movement is particularly poorly funded.” Only the most well-known white supremacists leaders seem to have figured out a way to make a slight living off of the hate they spew. All the same, these groups are quite agile. The ADL recommends that both credit card companies and money transfer platforms create more thorough reporting systems to become more vigilant in monitoring transactions as a way to combat white supremacists’ fundraising tactics.

This source:

Now in this section I want to post the Jewish ADL scum’s view on the future of White Supremacists. This is a fascinating read too. Here goes:

The Future of White Supremacist Funding

The dynamics of white supremacist funding are fairly clear.  Because of the comparatively small size of the white supremacist movement and the relative lack of wealth within it, the movement is limited in the amount of money that it can generate.  Moreover, its adherents routinely face roadblocks in terms of obtaining or transferring the amount of money they can raise.

Rumors about Russians to the contrary, there are no significant external actors funneling appreciable funds into the white supremacist movement, which means that the only way its funding can increase is if the size of the movement itself increases.  And while some segments of the white supremacist movement have grown in recent years—the rise of the alt right being the most obvious example—other segments, such as the traditional white supremacists who join Ku Klux Klan groups, have been declining.

The white supremacist movement would have to grow at a much faster rate, or attract many more well-off adherents, to make a significant difference.  A relatively few prominent white supremacists may be more successful than others in raising money, but most white supremacist groups and individuals will continue to face significant hurdles.

However, many white supremacists are quick adapters, assiduous in finding new technologies and means to raise the money that is available to them.  As new technologies emerge, white supremacists will inevitably try to exploit them for their own ends.  The antipathy in the United States towards white supremacists will usually sooner or later result in these avenues becoming more difficult to navigate or even closed altogether—but only as long as society is vigilant.


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