Venice: Mass Jewish Slavery of Whites from Eastern Europe to Muslims – Whites castrated, White sex slaves and warriors


This is a quick note, but again, an area of history I need to dabble in more and get more information on. Venice interests me. Venice was a tiny, super-powerful trading city, and it was a type of New York a few centuries back. My understanding is that lots of Jews were there.

I came across mention that the mass slavery of Whites in more recent times consisted of Venice (Jews????), literally depopulating parts of the Baltic, like Bulgaria, Serbia, etc of Whites. These Whites were sold into slavery of the worst kind, mostly to the Muslims in the Ottoman Empire. When I had Jewish friends, a Jew in Israel told me that the Jews had a GOOD LIFE in the Ottoman Empire! And the Ottoman Empire at that time was the PRIME ENEMY OF EUROPE. The Ottomans totally RULED the Mediterranean sea. They invaded deep into Eastern Europe and ruled parts of it for centuries. Then finally they were at the gate of Vienna, and that’s when lots of other Europeans (except the French) were helping them. The French at the time were the enemies of Austria and were even willing to see a Muslim victory if it could destroy Austria. So that’s how bad those brother wars were. A King from Poland and his army played an important role in helping to save Europe at the battle for Vienna.

Returning to Venice: White men and women were sold into slavery. The women were sold as sex slaves, concubines, etc for Muslims. The White men were totally castrated (yikes! I can’t even begin to imagine how nasty that is). The White males were castrated, and were various forms of slaves. The Ottoman Empire had an ELITE MILITARY UNIT known as the Janissaries. The Janissaries were White men.

I stand to be corrected, but I think about 17 million Whites were sold into slavery by the Venetians. It massively damaged the population of Eastern Europe.

Again, if you know of any good PDFs or documentaries on any of these topics, I am interested.

I want to know more also about the power of Venice and the role of the Jews.

What destroyed the power of Venice was when the Portuguese, followed by the Spaniards, began sailing around the world and they overcame the problem of sailing to Asia. That ultimately killed Venice. Venice was linked to Asia and was a trading hub.

Venice also had technology that nobody else had, including Glass Blowing which was a top technical secret. So Venice was really a lot like New York or London, but perhaps even more powerful and it seems the Whites there packed an immense military punch for their size.

As always … White men fighting for some Jew…

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