USA: The Social Security Pyramid is collapsing…


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It was recently announced that the Social Security Pyramid Scheme of rapidly graying America is projected to become "insolvent" one year earlier than previously estimated. By "insolvent, the wordsmiths mean projected revenue shortfall — not an exhaustion of the current non-existent funds (which only exist as "IOUs" (bond purchases)). We imagine that it’s the same situation in Canada, throughout the EUSSR and "Down Under." But this Slimes article assures us "boomers" that "Congress is likely to step in, many experts say." Whew! (wiping sweat off of forehead) That’s good to know that the "experts" are on it. (rolling eyes).

Now don’t you retired readers get all defensive about our condemnation of the holiest of holy SS scheme whose "benefits" you may now be depending upon in order to eat. Those truly dependent cases should not be cut off. To the contrary — if I were Fuhrer, the struggling elderly would get a few more monthly shekels during the transition phase — and a total exemption from property taxes, or associated rent rebate.

The purpose of this analysis is twofold:

  1. To explain how this colossal scam — implemented by Franklin Demono Rosenfeld at a time when the vast majority of seniors either had grown children to help them and/or possessed ample life savings to carry them through their final decade or two of life — was and still is a criminal enterprise.
  2. To chart a way out of this collapsing structure which, along with the Medicare Pyramid Scheme, can only be propped up with ever-increasing taxes and inflation on the "revenue" end — and more and more morphine & ventilator murders to reduce costs on the "expense" side of the impossible equation.

No doubt about this one, boys and girls. If any firm in the private sector operated an "investment" scheme similar to SS, Federal agents would, in short order, break down the doors and lead the principals away in handcuffs. This is Bernie Madoff shit, on steroids!


In 1935, FDR used the opportunity of the Globalist-manufactured crisis which was the then-5-year-old Great Depression to sell his Communist scam to the psychologically broken American people. With the trumpets of the all-mighty Judenpresse as background music, the normies were told that "Social Security" would be a forced savings plan (“like a shoebox”) with dollar for dollar employer matching that would be there for all Americans in old age. In reality, Social Security TAXES have never been saved to fund anyone’s retirement. The sneaky taxes that are collected are used to pay current SS recipients; with any excess used to purchase the government bonds that fund America’s out-of-control welfare and warfare state. It’s money in — money out, some of it as loans to the state.

There is no "shoe-box" (SS Trust Fund) and there never was! Every current American senior citizen has therefore been cheated out of what could have been a privately self-funded small fortune at retirement — and, whether rich or poor, been turned into an entitlement-minded welfare recipient. But just imagine what a half-century of employee-employer forced weekly savings, intelligently diversified with a reasonable rate of compound growth, would have accumulated to in all of our "shoe-boxes" by now. Even a lower wage worker could have accumulated a millions dollars OF HIS OWN MONEY by age 65. Instead, FDR’s monstrous pyramid scheme is now busting America’s multi-trillion dollar budget and — in classic pyramid scheme fashion — can only be kept afloat by more imported labor, more debt, more currency debasement (which reduces the value of the SS check) — and more cost-saving by way of incentivized hospital murders.


  1. Means-testing based on liquid / semi-liquid assets. Millions of seniors who are comfortably funding their own retirement don’t need the added "pocket money" of SS each month — which is now funded on the back on current workers and NOT what retirees "paid into the system."
  2. Means-testing for adult children who ought to be serving as an additional "line of defense" for the parents that raised them.
  3. Immediate cutoff of elderly foreigners whose grown (and often affluent!) kids brought them here and dumped them onto SS, Medicare and even "Food Stamps."
  4. For working people, a gradual transition from SS taxes to self-funded retirement accounts. As the dependent class dies out, the self-funded retirement portion will in time replace the SS taxes — at which time, people may opt out entirely if they so choose. Free country — right?
  5. To tide the truly dependent over during the transition years, a portion of the immense savings to be derived from deep spending cuts on the military and welfare budgets should be allocated toward that end.
  6. A total repudiation of the fraudulent national debt — with the interest savings allocated toward supporting the truly dependent during the transition period.
  7. A state-enforced "fascist" moral revival which would necessarily entail the surround-sound promotion of the traditional family structure as the surest means of "social security" and poverty prevention for all.

This program would work wonderfully — but would be impossible to pull off in a "democracy"™ in which evil Communists enjoy scaring older voters into fits of rage the moment anyone dares to expose the system as a pyramid scheme doomed to collapse.


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