USA: The Fed’s Money Printing Escalates to $60 billion PER MONTH – My Comments

[It is interesting to me how our nations run on this fake money … money sucked out of thin air which everyone then pays interest on. What is fascinating to me, is that by printing this fake money, REAL PEOPLE, REAL MACHINES, REAL BUSINESSES DO MORE WORK!!! There is more REAL ACTIVITY as a result of FAKE MONEY. That is a weird way to run a nation's life.

I still think that Adolf Hitler's economics was much better. I think NS economics is the ONLY sane economics that exists. Jan]

Last week the Fed announced that it was going to start buying $60 billion in T-Bills per month at least into Q2 2020. The Fed will also rollover the proceeds as the T-Bill’s mature. The rationale was to address the decline in the “non-reserve” liabilities of the Fed. So what are “non-reserve” liabilities? Federal Reserve Notes.

The directive as written was “Fed Speak” which means that the Fed would print $60 billion per month for the next 4-6 to months cumulatively. If it’s only 4 months, it means that the Fed will be printing at least a quarter trillion dollars which apparently will be become permanently part of the Fed’s balance sheet.

Chris Marcus invited me onto this Arcadia Economics podcast to discuss probably reasons why the Fed has ramped up its money printing operations despite explaining a month ago that it was only temporary to address quarter-end issues:


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