USA: Reader writes: Massive discrimination against White Male Doctors – Few Doctors available


[One of my Readers in the USA, who is actually from Europe, has taken to 
calling me "cousin" when she writes. This is because of my mentioning in the 
past that JoAn, my best supporter from almost 20 years ago, in the USA, used
to say "we could be cousins". So it's quite fun when this reader writes 
because she calls me cousin and I do the same in return! We're Europeans ... 
we're family! All of us. Anyway, this is from her, where her sister was
saying how terrible it is in the USA, in New York I think, where White Doctors
seem to be almost impossible to find because of ... f*cking Liberal "diversity" 
crap! Jan]
She wrote:
Cousin, we are heading into SA conditions here. Sister xxx asked me to tell 
you about the horrors that just happened here to a prominent white 
intelligent doctor and his wife and grandchildren. Jan, this is horrific 
and the Jews won’t televise this day and night. We don’t even have enough 
white Christian doctors , they are becoming so hard to find due to the anti 
white discrimination ESPECIALLY against white Christian males. 

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