One of my supporters often has this message, which I totally support. I totally agree! White Revolution! Keep watching my videos, I’m preparing folks, especially us in South Africa so that we are not afraid of race war … and neither must any of you white men in North America or Europe or elsewhere. The time is coming for the white male to SEIZE BACK THAT WHICH IS HIS! His country and his women. I have ZERO doubt in my mind that Americans, of all people can do it.

Also, I think it will be an easy win in Europe once the whites in Europe begin sorting out their feeble, treasonous, filth who dominate their politics.

Britain is the only country that I’m not sure if the whites there can win by themselves. The British are always boasting about their special forces, and how AWESOME they are… well, in that case, for the White British males who joined and dominate the special forces … if you joined to defend your country, then why don’t the British special forces go and exterminate the Jewish Rothschilds who are the filth behind the destruction of not only your country but what Empire you once had? Rhodesia, where I was born, was probably the most LOYAL part of the British Empire! Maybe its time for you to realise that you need a RETURN TO WHITE RULE IN BRITAIN! If you are man enough to do it? Instead of always risking your life for the Jews, why don’t you British smash the Jews who are misdirecting your nation straight into the abyss?

My supporter in the USA always says:


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