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Video: The Art of (((Mis-Management))): The Biggest Con Job that has fooled ALL Whites everywhere!
Whites EVERYWHERE are gradually being fooled regarding leadership and management. Most Whites dont have a clue any more what real, proper, White leadership is like or the tremendous heights it can achieve.

I was reading about America applying the "hearts and minds" strategy in Afghanistan. What a load of rubbish that is. If you are in a war, a serious war, not these junk wars for Israel thanks to 911. But in a serious war… where you have real reasons for fighting…

Let’s return to a more serious war: The Vietnam war – one of two times when America actually tried to fight some communism. Meanwhile the Jews and Liberals inside America undermined it and played a big role in the troops, mostly White troops, dying for nothing and losing.

In that war they tried hearts and minds intensely and possibly even pioneered it there. This is a loser strategy and never actually works.

And the non-Whites, see it clearly AS A LOSER STRATEGY. They are not fooled by it.

In Rhodesia, towards the end, we also tried it. Generally it’s a waste of time. South Africa wasted a lot of money and effort on it too.

Hearts and Minds is a proven junk idea that has no place in military operations. You would have thought that by 2000 that the US actually knew this. All these weird wars where you act like a Jew and pretend your enemy is your friend and blah blah. All this stuff is rubbish and never works.

Whites need to learn that: Wars must be fought for clear reasons, and when they are, you aren’t in it to love your enemy. And loving your enemy has never worked and never will work.

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