URGENT WARNING: PROPHECY NONSENSE & RACE WAR: Elite Police Unit hunting for a White male or two with illegal guns…


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I have information that the Elite Police Unit, known as The Hawks, went to a place today, where they surrounded a Boer’s house. They waited for him, and searched his house because they suspected he had illegal gun(s). They found nothing.

They went to another location, and also searched it, looking for guns … and found nothing.

They are however, monitoring certain whites whom they believe do have illegal weapons.

You will recall that I said in recent weeks that the PROPHESIED RACE WAR DATE is 28 October 2019. Its yet more Siener Van Rensburg, Suidlander type nonsense.

The information I was told, by people is that “Last year’s wrong date was a practise run”. But THIS YEAR IT IS FOR REAL and the Blacks WILL ATTACK ON 28 October.

So now, there are these groups who are doing SERIOUS PREPPING … because they expect us to all be viciously attacked on 28 November.

I do not want to discuss this silly recurring date nonsense. Its been going on for years, its related to Van Rensburg and Suidlander nonsense. These people get it wrong all the time.


I also was telling someone: The blacks do NOT want a war. The ANC scum want to screw up our lives, and they do want to steal all our stuff, make life unpleasant and drive us out. HOWEVER, going into ALL OUT WAR, is not exactly what they are looking for. It would NOT WORK FOR THEM on 101 different levels.

They are making our lives hot by making the most unpleasant laws that our stupid, two-faced, communist POS Black Jewish President Ramaphosa can. The goal is to make us leave of our own accord.

If they attack us, it will be guerilla style. I know ex-Military people, even of recent times. I spoke to them first hand asking the state of things. The answers they gave me set me at ease.

We are ok.

The blacks just want to make us leave through slow murder, guerilla nonsense, and making our lives UNBEARABLE due to Jewish-communist inspired anti-white oppressive laws.

BUT ALL OUT ATTACK, is not doable and can cause enormous problems for them. Huge ones.

So I ignore the prophecy nonsense.

But there IS EXTREME TENSION. I can see it on the groups I deal with. Their is an errie silence as the whites say NOTHING … NOT EVEN TO EACH OTHER.

I’m the only one carrying on like normal, and chatting to people and passing on information and analyses.

So its very tense here. Until the stupid 28th October.

My concern is whether anyone is doing anything stupid IN THEIR FEAR WHICH HAS BEEN INSPIRED BY THE STUPID PROPHECY CRAP. I was telling somneone we do not need any white men getting arrested for illegal weapons BEFORE A WAR. How the hell is that good for anyone? Then someone goes to jail AND THE WAR WOULD NOT EVEN HAVE HAPPENED! What a waste. In jail, for having an illegal weapon AND there was no war.

It seems to me the Hawks are rather edgy. But my own impression is that I think they are chasing ghosts themselves. They raided these places AND FOUND NOTHING.

So either the whites in question are a step ahead of them OR there were no guns in the first place.

I’ve been in meetings in the past, and one about a month or so ago, and I can tell you, that 99.99% of the whites who are preparing for this race war which will NOT happen, are totally honest citizens. Not one of them has the desire or motivation to get an illegal weapon.

Blacks can get illegal weapons EASILY in South Africa. Or the Police will hand it to them. But for a white to get even one illegal weapon is seriously difficult and utterly dangerous. Its a nightmare.

The vast majority would never even think of it or try it even if a race war was coming.

Otherwise, the whites are excellent. They are disciplined. They are keep their mouths shut.

The weird thing is that the only whites who are truly SCARED and WORRIED are all the whites who believe in these prophecies which come from people who have been WRONG, on dozens and dozens and dozens of occasions, perhaps well over 100 times, since 2007 when Gustav Muller crawled on to the scene.

Gustav Muller is the guy scaring people into believing the nonsense.

I just hate seeing any white going to jail. Its not worth it at this time.

But group unity, and other interactions are otherwise excellent and promising.

I just can’t wait for 28th October to come and go so that the people can relax. These people really BELIEVE vast numbers of blacks will attack us.

Its not bad, preparing for such things. There are many benefits from going through these dry runs and also getting one’s thoughts straight for in the event of some black nastiness on a bigger scale.

But the truth is, this is not the real thing. When I worked with the Zimbabweans during the land seizure time in Zimbabwe, it was much worse and real enemy agents were walking around and you got to see them face to face like I did.

These people are chasing ghosts I’m afraid.

I’m trying to calm some people down and just focus them on positive stuff.

But I will say, white unity is getting better. DEFINITELY. Big time. The team work is getting much much much better.

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