URGENT: Please help this White Woman & her mother escape the lava flow in Hawaii!

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[I spoke to Odinia who does good work for whites. She and her mother live in Hawaii and there is volcanic activity which has resulted in a very slow flowing (unstoppable) lava stream that has destroyed HUNDREDS of houses in this small town over the last year.

She and her mother now live in a camping site. The lava is already under the house. They go there rarely just to get on the Internet. She is trying to get away because her house is being slowly destroyed and there are hundreds more that will also be destroyed.

She was telling me that as a result of the volcanic activity, that there have been 30,000 earthquakes.

The video at the link shows the small town before the volcanic activity started. You can view the video here on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jason.t.hills/posts/10209659704768598

Odinia has taken videos of the volcanic activity from the front of her house. You can view it all at this link on her blog. She’s helped whites. Please will someone help her! She and her mother will soon be homeless. Here’s the link to her blog article with photos and videos: https://odinia.org/please-help-lavadog-escape-north/ Jan]

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