UN: White Supremacy is a threat to the WORLD & to South Africa – Black Communists applaud it


[The EFF, which is really a fancy name for a communist party run by Julius Malema, has welcomed this nonsense that comes from the UN. Notice how Whites are now a threat, apparently, to the world. And Whites are even a threat in South Africa – apparently. They also state that Whites did not apologise for Apartheid as a crime against humanity. Notice, White folks … that after all this "diversity", "multiculturalism", and doing "good things" that now Whites are the CRIMINALS. Whites are the THREAT. It would not surprise me if the UN turned around and declared White people to be a threat to world peace. Malema, by the way, openly called for the genocide of Whites in SA years ago. He said it openly and blatantly in the mass media and nobody, not even a single member of parliament nor the President called him out on it. This, is where compromise and multiculturalism leads to … the White … after giving up so much ground and back-pedalling for decades finds himself in a corner AND HE IS NOW THE CRIMINAL!!! So Whites are now the problem, but COMMUNISM is NOT the problem! How did all this happen? I wonder who engineered this outcome? Jan]

The EFF says "white supremacy groups have the audacity to invade beaches in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, block roads and burn police vehicles".

The EFF released a statement on Tuesday, saying they’ve “been vindicated by the United Nations Secretary-General who called out loudly on the reality of the existence of white supremacy and labelling it a transnational crime”.



The party quoted United Nations Human Rights Secretary-General António Guterres, who on Monday 22 February 2021 “correctly characterised the phenomenon of” white supremacy as a security threat in several countries”.

The EFF remarked how “these fascist racist white minority groups traverse the world, seeing sympathy from disgraced leaders like Trump in the USA with no consequences from an African government”.

“The ruling party leaders whine, dine and kiss them in every public platform seeking validation from the most cruel system of exploitation that continues to kill and abuse farmworkers, domestic and retail shop workers.”


The EFF also notes who “these groups had the audacity to invade beaches in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, block roads and burn police vehicles, conducts that would invite a repeat of the Marikana Massacre if it were Africans”.

The blame has also been placed at the police service’s door for acting “with partiality” when it comes to protests.

“These racist groups roam freely and feel entitled as our own police service act with partiality and imbalance, ravaging any African protest with rubber bullets, water cannons and jail time whilst protestors take photos with the same public order policing unit”.


The party’s spokespeople said they have “repeatedly said that white supremacy exists, particularly in South Africa”, but it only “earned a vicious backlash from apartheid apologists who condemn [the EFF] as enemies of social cohesion”.

Furthermore, the party feels that “white leaders in South Africa have denied that apartheid is a crime against humanity with sheer impunity”.

“We have been castigated and condemned for calling out white supremacy for what it is in Brackenfell, Senekal, and in many other instances”.



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