Ukraine’s new infantry fighting vehicle completed initial stage trial

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[Nice to see whites building military weapons, especially the Ukrainians. Jan]

Ukraine’s new Otaman 6×6 infantry fighting vehicle, developed by privately owned RPA “Practika”, completed one of the initial stages of trials, according to the Defense Express.

The Kyiv-based Defense Express military magazine reported: “Otaman 6×6” – a completely new development that incorporates the latest trends in wheel armored vehicles: increased armor protection, availability of mines protection, a large reserve of load capacity (to install additional composite armor and heavy equipment, such as combat module), modularity, maximum mobility high degree of digitization.

The new infantry fighting vehicle was developed by Practice for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in particular for the Marines of Ukraine, in accordance with a joint decision of the Ministry of Defense.

The amphibious vehicle can run at a maximum road speed of 110 km/h with a maximum cruising range of 800 km and can carry a crew of 10 including commander, driver and eight soldiers..

The vehicle is a modular multi-wheel configurable with high level of ballistic and mine protection due to its high hardness monocoque steel hull.

Otaman has a modular design and can be configured to multi-wheels. The vehicle has a gross weight of 23,000kg. A spacious internal volume is created by placing the engine at the front of the vehicle. This internal layout can be used ergonomically and efficiently.

The new vehicle provides high anti-mine (STANAG 4569) and ballistic protection (STANAG lvl 2 to STANAG lvl 4 with new armor modules) due to its monocoque steel hull. The hull is also fully protected from biological and chemical threats. The dismounts seating of all the personnel are mounted on anti-mine seats. The 453mm ground clearance protects the crew from mines.


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