Ukraine War: Are the Ukrainians able to start fires in Moscow? – Greatest destruction of Russian Ammunition ever – Putin and Peskov doing Psychological War and Propaganda

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There seem to be big fires that rage in parts of Moscow every few weeks. The latest is at a machine and repair factory. The Russians don’t complain about drones. So how do these fires start? Nobody says anything. I wonder if the Ukrainians have agents who start fires or other methods of starting these fires? Sometimes they are big. I see such a thing about, maybe, once in 3 weeks or so. It’s weird.

I think I’m correct in saying Russia put a BAN on the flying of drones in the Moscow area.

Peskov was making various junk statements that the goals of the "Special Military Operation" were achieved by "de-militarising" Ukraine. The bogus claim is that they wiped out all the Ukrainian armour when in fact the Ukrainians have the biggest tank forces now that they’ve ever had.

Putin is asking where is Zalushny hiding? This is a reference to the Commander in Chief of all the Ukrainian forces.

It seems to me that Putin and Peskov are busy with word games and propaganda to pretend that everything is fine. Meanwhile on the battlefield in recent days a whole tactical HQ was blown away and a LOT of ammunition was destroyed. It may be the biggest destruction of Russian Ammunition ever in recent days. Thousands of tons of ammo was blown away, and store houses were flattened. It was visible from space.

It seems the Ukrainian military might pause operations for a week because the going is hard. However, their progress in certain things in recent days were actually pretty good. They might pause to rest and to re-evaluate their tactics.

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