Ukraine War: 2023: My Analysis: Putin’s BIG OFFENSIVE has been a HUGE MILITARY FLOP – Russia’s Nightmare begins…


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Since the start of 2023, I was watching the Ukraine War events as closely as I could, and I tried to monitor it from different sources to ensure I got a good balanced view. I even watched some of what Colonel Douglas MacGregor said. And I must say, MacGregor was saying that the Russian offensive was huge and the next stop would be Kyiv.

This did not match my own assessment of the war.

And now, we are halfway through March, and the Russians are battling like crazy even in a town like Bakhmut. Yes the Russians are fighting like crazy on a big scale, but the Ukranians are managing to hold them back.

In war the DEFENSIVE is the easiest form of fighting to do. And the Ukrainians have had a whole year to increase their skills. I doubted what MacGregor predicted.

I will tell you that I stand by the video I put out with my 2023 Ukraine War predictions. In fact, I was erring on the Russian side assuming they would make some progress and they hardly made any. In Bakhmut the Russians have been fighting for ages to only capture 9 Square Miles!!! That is 3 miles x 3 miles! That’s nothing!!!

The much vaunted Russian offensive is a HUGE FLOP! Definitely. Huge flop.

Furthermore, even though 100 Western tanks are heading to the West and it will take a year for them to all arrive, I have looked more carefully at the armour going to Ukraine. What they do NOT tell you is that HUNDREDS of Infantry fighting vehicles like the Bradley, Stryker, etc have been doing there.

I think even 30 Western tanks will begin making a difference. A tank is at the core of a much bigger military unit. And those Infantry Fighting Vehicles are very powerful and very useful.

We must keep an eye open as to what happens in the next month or so. We might begin seeing more activity as the Ukrainians begin striking somewhere.

What people in the West don’t know is how much WARGAMING the West does. The Western military have a lot of experience and they know their stuff. I’m certain that they’ve assessed the Ukrainian situation and that they are certain that Western Armous can break through those static lines.

It might take some time to see Ukrainian activity, but as the year goes by we should see more and more attacks on the Russians.

I think that by the end of this year, the Russians will experience a nightmare. Putin’s real nightmare has only begun. This is going to be a very nasty year for Russia.

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