I have been making some new discoveries, in small ways, of things that set me ever more at ease about Trump. What I have liked are when I saw some of the backstabbing that has taken place against Trump, not just from Bolton, but from others. I was watching someone from inside the system, who was interviewed on CNN. He was freaking out over Trump saying he would like to dump Puerto Rico and rather buy Greenland. I think Trump has something of a European/White angle in his own values that may not be apparent PUBLICLY. But it seems to be coming out from people who have turned into his enemies and they are running off to the hideous MSM and what they are saying is music to my ears.

The sheer HATRED for Trump from some circles is lovely. That tells me that he is doing things right.

I get the impression, rightly or wrongly, that Trump might also be quietly destroying some people inside the system.

It has been apparent to me that American presidents seem to lack a lot of power that would be allowed in other countries. I was recently reading where a top South African spy under Apartheid, a German, was writing at how the Soviets in the time of the USSR were amazed that President Nixon could be removed from power for the minor crime of spying. In the Soviet Union, the President would do all that sort of spying and so much more and nobody would think about it even once. The Soviets were thus amazed by the weakness of the US Presidency.

It might be that Trump needs to knock out various people in the system, and he is doing something. Exactly how many people he is destroying, I don’t know.

But he definitely seems to be doing something that we cannot do. Trump therefore must be good for us all.

The mere fact that pure VENOM and HATRED is coming out against Trump from so many quarters is actually strongly suggesting to me that they know INSIDE THINGS ABOUT TRUMP THAT WE DO NOT KNOW. They must know, from their Jewish connections and spies that Trump IS DIFFERENT to the other Elite and that is why they’re going literally insane over him.

My advice is VOTE TRUMP VOTE TRUMP VOTE TRUMP. I wish he could get a 3rd term.

He might have failed in his original promises, but this is his last term and he has more freedom this time. Whatever his failings are, he is the best thing that’s happened to whites, and he may also have done some long term damage to the "Deep State" that we don’t know about.

Their unbelievable hatred for him, now substatiated by his enemies who’ve come out into public, really sets me at ease. I think Trump is the best we’re going to get, and whites must make the most of his last term. Do everything you can.


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