Trump has turned on White Nationalists & Whites – Only a fool would pray for him…


[Billy Roper, who does excellent work in the USA and has written some deeply insightful books – 2 of which I have, copied me on this email just now. I totally agree with Billy.

It is sickening how Trump is turning into an enemy. I suspect they must have control of him. My Boer Nazi pal is turning out to be right. He predicted long ago that Trump would turn out to be a Winston Churchill who would do the work of the Jews while sinking us. Jan]

Billy wrote:

Pray for Trump?

First he signed a law outlawing bump stocks, then he signaled his willingness to ban suppressors, and now to ban private gun sales. He has specifically condemned White Nationalism and declared us his enemies. Only the most out of the loop, decellerationist collaborator boomer paleoconservative CivNat Tories are still even on the fence about Trump. Everyone else knows he is our adversary. The only kind of prayer that Christians should pray for their enemies is an imprecatory prayer, as described here:

Billy Roper

2 thoughts on “Trump has turned on White Nationalists & Whites – Only a fool would pray for him…

  • 7th August 2019 at 6:33 am

    I’m disappointed in Trump right now. He’s really caving in on this gun stuff. His suggestion, wherein people who are “mentally well” are the only ones allowed to have guns, is absolutely ridiculous. He says we ought to preempt shootings by determining who is “mentally ill.”

    Who determines whether you’re mentally ill or not? PSYCHOLOGISTS AND COURTS! The absolutely most corrupt institutions in our nation, no, in our world. And filled to the brim with Jews and their lackeys.

    The 2nd amendment says “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” The keyword here is INFRINGED–that means the government is not allowed to even TOUCH our right to have weapons!

    And the only reason to have such a law is to take guns from conservatives and white nationalists! This past week, the FBI started saying conspiracy theories are red flags for “terrorism”:

    They don’t care about criminals with guns–the criminals will still shoot and murder no matter what laws are passed! But they want to stop us whites from defending ourselves against the final communist takeover of our nation!

  • 6th August 2019 at 8:44 pm

    I have never before heard of Billy Roper and the ShieldWall Network. He sounds like a good man and I guess I shouldn’t be surprised I haven’t heard of him because people like him are likely suppressed and it is probably by word of mouth that one hears of people like him.
    Trump may not have officially come out against white nationalism until yesterday, but make no mistake about it, he was NEVER for white nationalism, not during his presidential campaign and certainly not after. He had to play his role for a while and now we see more of the layers peeling away. I don’t deny I voted for Trump in November of 2016 but that was back when I still felt the need to cast my vote & I did NOT want to see Hillary get the job – now I know better, it would not have mattered either way and considering all Trump has done for and continues to do for the Jews in both America and apartheid Israel, I believe Trump was their guy all along – they have gotten A LOT accomplished on Trump’s watch and we haven’t even seen the worst of it yet.
    The only shootings they are talking about in the mainstream news are the 2 FAKE ONES that took place over the weekend, both by questionable looking “white” men and one of which whose appearance has already been modified since being released to the public.
    Upon becoming President, Trump almost immediately stocked his staff and cabinet with Jews – I lost any and all hope upon seeing this – it is also widely known and even made available for public to see that Sheldon Adelson contributed another 300 million dollars to the Trump campaign at the time of the November 2018 midterm elections – it is also public knowledge that Sheldon Adelson watched midterm election results that night in November alongside Trump, though I do not know if this was at the white house or Trump’s Florida compound.
    I don’t know if you use Bitchute at all – it is far superior to YouTube and Americans can see A LOT more of what is going on their country on Bitchute then they can on JewTube – like all of the horrific statistics of ongoing black on white crime taking place every day in the streets of the USA that they almost NEVER bring to the Jew news. They go on and on about fake shootings and fake manifestos written by non-existent “white men”, one of which looks Hispanic now (I think they scrubbed the first photo they released of him because he absolutely looked Jewish!!!), but the photo they are using now has this man Patrick looking like a God damned Columbian or some such thing. Meanwhile, Chicago had one of it’s deadliest weekends ever with 9 fatalities and over 59 admitted to area hospitals for gun related injuries and they had to temporarily close one of the hospitals because it was beyond capacity – but they did not put this in the news AT ALL.
    We are in big trouble over here and I know we ain’t seen nothing yet. God help us whites.


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