Trump has turned on White Nationalists & Whites – Only a fool would pray for him…


[Billy Roper, who does excellent work in the USA and has written some deeply insightful books – 2 of which I have, copied me on this email just now. I totally agree with Billy.

It is sickening how Trump is turning into an enemy. I suspect they must have control of him. My Boer Nazi pal is turning out to be right. He predicted long ago that Trump would turn out to be a Winston Churchill who would do the work of the Jews while sinking us. Jan]

Billy wrote:

Pray for Trump?

First he signed a law outlawing bump stocks, then he signaled his willingness to ban suppressors, and now to ban private gun sales. He has specifically condemned White Nationalism and declared us his enemies. Only the most out of the loop, decellerationist collaborator boomer paleoconservative CivNat Tories are still even on the fence about Trump. Everyone else knows he is our adversary. The only kind of prayer that Christians should pray for their enemies is an imprecatory prayer, as described here:

Billy Roper
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