Trump Fools Israeli Warmongers? – My Jew-hating Boer NAZI pal disagrees…

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[My Boer NAZI pal did predict that Trump could end up being a Winston Churchill type … whereby people think he's doing good, when in fact he's doing only the work of the Jews and he's going to leave whites in a much worse state. He predicted this long ago, and I think he has a point.

Where I did differ with him, and where I've been proved right, is that I told him that I doubted Trump would start WW3 or doing huge military stuff.
Here are the points he makes about Trump, and he has points about these bloody Jews. The 88 year old NAZI who was sent to be jailed in Europe is HIDEOUS.
There is a LOT of PATHETIC WEAKNESS at the TOP in the Western world and Trump himself is not that strong. Like I've said: Trump is proof that voting no longer works in the USA. The only way forward, in the USA and everywhere is WHITE REVOLUTION.
I had sent my Boer NAZI pal Mike King's take on Trump, and that is what set him off. Below are his comments.
NB: The Afrikaans term “Askarie” is basically an infiltrator. It is like the Rhodesian Selous Scouts … you infiltrate close to your enemy then you destroy them. So see his comments below on the Kosher Right. I do agree … all these Jewish agents in the Right and Alt Right and Nationalist circles who are walking among the whites … these people need to eventually be driven out of the movement. These Israel-loving little fools and bitches … need a good bitch-slapping themselves. I'm so sick to death of fake Right Wingers who are working for bloody Israel or the Jews FFS. Jan]

My Boer Nazi Pal wrote:-

Hi Jan

For me it is just mind boggling how one can try to rectify a president like Trump who sent an 88 year old Nazi guard to Europe to be jailed for so-called “war crimes” and a president who signed the Eli Wiesel law that criminalize any critic on Jews as anti-Semitism and hate speech worldwide! That is what I warned about in the past. The Jews have a brilliant new trick: Using kosher right-wing askaries like the Trump ilk by infiltrating the right-wing and disable guys like Mike King and David Duke. Duke was so mesmerised by Trump that he even ignored the fact that Eric Trump said in public that Duke should be killed because his an anti-Semite (why Trump said nothing about it). And there are many more examples of this president’s love relationship with the Jews and Israel: They even call him the Jewish King!!!

The best for the right-wing will be when Trump is gone and then the Jews will not be able to bluff good right wing people any longer. With the democrats in charge we will know who is the enemy and be able to fight the enemy without being put under the impression that we now have the president of the USA “on our side” My god!!. But unfortunately Trump is doing a great job for the Jews by making Israel the new hero of kosher right wing conservatives. A tragedy and we see it happening day by day! I am sorry but guys who are writing this type of stuff is playing into the hands of Jewish Supremacists.

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