Translation from Germany: Alfred Schaefer’s trial: Alfred made the judge furious! (Jewish?) Prosecutor needed medical attention!!

[One of my German supporters kindly translated this from German and gave a summary of what happened. Alfred is doing a FANTASTIC JOB in Germany! He’s daring to do what nobody has tried.

Just one sad point: Alfred is on trial because a member of his family turned on him and told the authoritites about him. This is just like South Africa where whites who are scared of the system destroy other whites out of fear for what might happen to them if they keep their mouths shut! It is sad, but understandable that people turn on each other. I found that my family gave me ZERO support related to my own political activism. Sadly, this is how the Jew scares and divides us and then we are stuck with these new problems in our ranks. So its sad, but with time, nonsense like this should become less. Whites will get stronger!

I made some sentences bold and others I made bold AND underlined them! I am delighted that Alfred made the judge so angry that he needed a recess in order to compose himself! He has clearly never met such an “insolent” (read: FREE & PROUD German) in his life before. He’s expecting Alfred to grovel like a DOG, which Alfred clearly will not do.

We don’t know if the prosecutor bitch is Jewish or not, but it seemed the stress caused her to need MEDICAL ATTENTION – which is plain fucking awesome! Alfred is the victim here. Alfred doesn’t have a gun; but Alfred is already causing CASUALTIES – which is fantastic.

What’s not mentioned here is that Alfred did the NAZI salute 3 times on the first day AND Alfred told the court that he does not recognise their jurisdiction because only the Third Reich is the valid and legal govt of Germany! I think that was plain fucking FANTASTIC! That must have caused blood vessels in the judge’s head to pop. (Fuck him!).

I think Alfred has done a marvellous job. I see that the Lioness Sylvia Stolz was herself arrested. That poor woman and her husband, Horst, have been through hell. I think its fantastic that they’re standing up for themselves knowing full well that they cannot win and that the system will punish them more and more. There are thousands of Germans who’ve gone to jail for standing up for the TRUTH.

The truth is critical for all whites everywhere and you will still see why it is critical that we even be prepared to DIE for the TRUTH. The TRUTH is everything. I’m waiting for more info. But I really like the way Alfred has handled things. He’s done a superb job. He’s forced them to watch his videos and listen to him. I think that’s a BRILLIANT MOVE.

I think finally, the information that new Germans are coming to the trial; listening and AWAKENING – I think that’s the best thing of all. I think Alfred has done a MARVELLOUS job by going on the attack. I think its fantastic. Its time that whites just stand together and begin spitting in the face of the Jews and the Elite and stand up for the TRUTH regardless of what happens. The TRUTH will heal so many wounds in our race. The truth is EVERYTHING. We must stand by it and fight for it, and if need be, die for it. 14/88 Jan]

Hello Jan,
to give you a short summary of what i know i made a translation from Henry´s blog:
Today, the first “trial day” took place during the inquisition process against the Schaefer brothers and sisters in Munich.

The henchmen of the regime once again proved that the law in the FRG does not apply to Germans who work for the freedom of the peoples.

As on the Titanic, as dancers in drunken condition proclaimed: “everything is in perfect order”, when the sounds of the bursting ship’s hull were no longer to be heard, the performers of Satan remain in dull monotony.

Only after vigorous invitation by Monika Schaefer, The Jewish ventriloquist dolls felt compelled to use the existing microphones in the hall to allow the spectators of the public hearing to hear the spoken word as well.

Since Alfred – as we know him – did not want to bow to the habits of the BRD show, he was repeatedly warned by the chairman.
Alfred then confessed that he subordinated himself to these practices only to be able to continue his important work here.

This, and the fact that Alfred at a rally on Saturday, the 30.06. in Nuremberg, reported by his dog Pavlov, who can jump very high, brought the systemlings in rage. Shortly Alfred was handed an arrest warrant and told him that he was now arrested. On Tuesday morning, a magistrate to decide whether Alfred remains in detention until further notice.

When Alfred was repeatedly interrupted to read his request for hiring, the lawyer of Monika Schaefer, Wolfram Nahrath, intervene again and explain to the court that the defendant has the right to defend himself extensively. Now Alfred was allowed to recite the second part of his application until the end.

Since those responsible did not want to be completely satisfied with the detention of Alfred, was also imposed on the present Sylvia Stolz, a two-day orderly custody. The lioness was once again arrested out of the courtroom.

What happened?

After the official termination of the “trial,” Ms. Stolz noted in the direction of the ventriloquist dolls: “That’s terror!” – with which she has quite clearly described the situation. The chairman was informed by RA Nahrath that this statement had taken place after the trial, which in no case justifies such a punishment. The judge replied, “When the ‘trial’ ends, I decide “. (Although he had actually declared her to have finished shortly before, as evidenced by the fact that the lawyer had already taken off his robe when it came to this conversation.)

When those involved in these juggling events realize that the iceberg is already crunching under the bow, it will be too late for assurances à la “we did not know about it”. Every human being seals his downfall himself – whether out of cowardice, stupidity or greed – the judgement falls the story!

On Tuesday (3.07.2018) it will continue at 12:30 … … and the iceberg is approaching
On the second day of the trial “Inquisition against Geschefer Schaefer” it was, according to the statements of those present, much quieter in the hall.

This was not due to the fact that the Schaefer siblings want to start the retreat, but rather to decisions of some involved inquisitors. The captains of the “Titanic” (the presiding “judges”) seemed to be a bit uncomfortable with their behavior from the previous day – maybe they just want to be more careful to preserve the appearance of the rule of law.

The magistrate who was responsible for deciding on the further imprisonment of Alfred Schaefer chose a justifiable way. In addition to some reporting requirements he decreed that we could buy our Alfred for 5,000 € from the clutches of the devil freely. Certainly, even this sum is a slap in the face of the law, but we remain realistic and evaluate the small signs correctly. It would certainly have been easy to demand 6 million dollars, or even 60, 40, or 20,000 – you still feel safe. However, the judge thought it was too ludicrous, for a mere gesture, which shows how high the little dog Pavlov can jump, to leave a man in the “freest state on German soil” in the dungeon.
Perhaps the judge allowed himself to be guided by his hope for an early end to this German madness, and ventured this dangerous balancing act between compulsion and conscience. Finally, we know how much the judiciary of the FRG is in the stranglehold of the Judaized FRG policy.

Let us try in good faith to the people the prisoners of their self-chosen cage to reach out to peace, which would enable us all to have a future. But peace can only exist if the truth is thought, spoken and may be lived! It’s just because of people like this judge – who should also dare to take the plunge over their shadow – to prevent further pointless sacrifices among the innocent peoples. Because only when the judiciary in the FRG recognizes who it actually serves, it will be able to live up to its role as power in the system. Because judges should speak right – not obey laws that are obviously written against life!

Now I want to say a few more words about the “dancer” (the “public prosecutor”). Unfortunately, I will not see her until Thursday, if I follow my charge as a witness and serve by my statement the truth finding.

I was told how empathilous this person is, how heartless her appearance is and how stubbornly she follows the course on her own iceberg.
Whether she is of Jewish faith – which would explain her way – I still can not assess. “Questions do not cost anything” – taught me my grandmother, because that is how she had learned it in her childhood. Today I know that questions can cost a lot, because I live in Germany. And yet I am going to my dear grandmother. Think of people like Ursula Haverbeck, Monika Schaefer, and many thousands of my ancestors, when I find myself willing to pay the price of the question-the price of freedom.

The dancer has probably already drunk too much on her role, her soul – if she ever had one – perhaps already sold. And yet she should also be told: “It is never too late to change his path”!

Let us commemorate all political prisoners, all systems of injustice and look forward to the next day in Munich. At 10:00 clock on Wednesday (4.07.2018) on. We do not give up hope that it will soon become light.
The fourth day in Munich started again very spectacular. But let’s have a process observer report, who has already collected some information in the past few days:

Today started quite turbulent. After the appearance of the Inquisition Court, the Chairman asked the audience section who Mr. X was, when he reported he was confronted with the accusation that he had insulted a prosecutor in the anteroom the day before, saying to her that he wished her that she would also see a jail from the inside, what the judge – except aggravated with excitement – with 4 days in good order.
Immediately after this proclamation, Mr. X was led out of the room by police officers. His advice that his car was still out there was answered by the judge angrily, saying that he did not care. He literally shouted to Mr. X, “Go harsh, I do not want to see you here anymore.” Abruptly he also turned to Alfred Schäfer with the question what he think of it. Alfred Schäfer replied that he did not want to comment on this because words in this court were always reinterpreted and therefore a comment on it was too dangerous. The session was subsequently interrupted for a short time, because the judge said he needed 5 minutes to calm down.

When the session reopened, Alfred Schäfer’s lawyer filed an application to refuse the judge for bias. Then the session was interrupted for 2 hours, the application, however, rejected by the prosecutor for the beginning of the resumption of negotiations because of “sequence of assumptions”.

Subsequently, the continuation of the already begun the day before video screenings. Again, two icons were pointed out that are juxtaposed in the video. On the left side of the picture a star of the Jews is shown and as a counterpart on the right in the picture a swastika, which is represented in the video by Alfred Schäfer as a symbol of evil, because at that time he still believed that the swastika symbolized evil. This juxtaposition of the two symbols is evidently the subject of the indictment.

In the video, whose high dissemination caused great astonishment in court, Prof. Noam Chomsky is interviewed by a university in America to 9/11. Prof. Chomsky explains in the interview that there is no evidence of involvement of the US government in the terrorist attack. Alfred Schäfer had Prof. Chomsky was written on the basis of this interview and reads in the video his letters to Prof. Chomsky and his answer letters. Although Prof. Chomsky has answered the letters of Alfred Schäfer, but without actually answering the questions asked by Alfred Schäfer, which led Alfred Schäfer to formulate his letters more strictly.

When the judge complains of an “aggressive tone” in his correspondence with Prof. Chomsky, Alfred Schäfer explains that one finally has to understand that Prof. Chomsky is “a guru” in the English-speaking world and his remarks on 9/11 are a great disappointment represented,
which is why he called him “cowardly traitor” and “Zionist fascist”. Prof. Chomsky missed a big chance because he could have rehabilitated himself. Instead, he has put his good reputation at risk for his “brothers in faith” and destroyed himself with this admission even his full size,
although he presented him with a clear factual situation.

The judge also accused Alfred Schäfer of having made a threat to all “Jewish friends” of Prof. Chomsky, saying in the video that they would be complicit if they kept silent about the 9/11 truth.
Shot like a pistol, Alfred Schäfer explains to the judge the difference between a threat and a warning on the basis of a practical example. He also explained that this video was his first video and more or less represents the beginning of his recovery process. When he realized the fact that some people can get more money by fraud and manipulation than by gathering workers through honest work has triggered a political process of thought.

The second video shown is an interview with Henry Hafenmayer on the subject of “The masterminds of our present situation”. The commentary on this video has been postponed to the following week.

Subsequently, a witness was heard, who claimed that Alfred Schäfer had been hounding with his speech at the commemoration ceremony in Bretzenheim on 25.7.2017. In addition, Alfred Schäfer completed his speech with a Roman greeting (NAZI salute!!) for 2 or 3 seconds. The judge questioned the witness whether the speech had been acknowledged by the audience with applause, but the witness could not remember. The court was shown a photo from the video.

Alfred Schäfer then explains to the court that in this speech he simply said that what his father told him about the Rhine meadow camps and that he forbid against slandering his father as a harlot. His father, a prisoner of war in the Rhine meadow camps, observed how prisoners were brought in healthy, however, due to the deliberately caused life-threatening circumstances soon fell ill and how daily trucks were transported away with the bodies of the deceased prisoners of war, without one learned where to go. His father had survived the Rhine meadow camp unscathed only by happy circumstances.
The request for detention by Monika Schäfer was rejected on the grounds that the charge had not changed.

Even today, the conduct of the negotiations in the auditorium was sometimes very poor.

The dates for the further negotiation days are the 12th and 13th of July, starting at 9:15 am. Source:

It did not surprise us that the dancer was present again during the first days of the trial. After all, the – with such terrible evil “curses” – had to get the same medical care today. During her performance yesterday, the poorest did not realize she was so delicately strung.
If we observe what the persecuted of the FRG have to endure everything – our Monika is held since 3 January – you just want to break. Welcome to the Jewish-Bolshevik constitutional state!

Nevertheless, there is always something pleasant to report. Time and again new viewers appear to such processes, which now also the eyes are opened. Not only because of the material that is shown and discussed in the negotiation, but also because of the conditions that prevail in a FRG court. People are really scared that they have been so blind for so many years, so uninterested.

But now, some after only one day as a spectator, they are aware: We must end this madness, as long as we are allowed to breathe with impunity!


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