TOTAL BETRAYAL: Betrayed by all his Good Jews? – Will Trump be a big FLOP like Mussolini?

What is the fate of Trump once he leaves office? In one of his most recent speeches, Trump spoke about fixing the voting system so that you can’t get cheating like this again. He then said that for him and his supporters THE REAL JOURNEY WILL BEGIN…

He thus tells us that he’s going to be doing politics again, once he’s a normal citizen.

But what should be evident is that Trump must have been betrayed from EVERY CONCEIVABLE ANGLE. I mean EVERY angle, because everything he did from the election onwards was a TOTAL FLOP and every move he made, his Elitist WASP and Jewish enemies were one step ahead of him. There was not a move he made that worked. He experienced TOTAL FAILURE.

This makes me think of Mussolini who had about 1/3rd of the Fascist party being composed of Jews. Everything Mussolini did lead to problems and failures and he was a big drag on Hitler and the Germans. Leon De Grelle for example, was enraged by the Italians and said that they alone were the cause of all of Hitler’s problems.

I have mentioned before my theory that it was Mussolini’s friendliness with the Jews and his tolerance of them that may have led to his own problems.

Even the good Jews turn against you when the time is right and they’ll knife you in the back. They can even feign friendship and work against you. I suspect they do this too when it suits them. They are a law unto themselves.

To me it seems as if Trump has been betrayed at every conceivable level. I mean there is NOTHING he has done that has allowed him to get ahead. From that election night onwards, he’s been hit six ways to Sunday and has been losing flat out.

Even a Jew named Cohen, who was close to him has exposed his tax issues.

I think Trump, whether he knows it or not, has been knifed from every angle.

There is a total determination by the Elite and Big Tech to silence citizen Trump. totally.

I am curious to see if Trump has the ingenuity to survive this.

Will Trump be able to work and build things up again despite all the intense heat? Or will he be destroyed? These are the things to watch. Big Tech is SMASHING the social media and the Alt Right like crazy.

It also seems to me that they will hunt down and destroy BUSINESSES and PEOPLE who work with Trump. I think they will isolate and bankrupt any business that works with Trump. i also think they will intimidate all kinds of people close to him.

I therefore want to see whether Trump is a FLOP… or whether, using his supporters, Trump can survive and gain ground again?

I think Trump’s TOTAL NIGHTMARE will begin when he is a citizen again. I don’t think he realises how bad things will be.

I think he’s going to have a real nightmare of a time and it remains to be seen who will work with him.

His BEST HOPE are his common White supporters. They will be the toughest by far to stop. And I think the Alt-Right will fight forward regardless.

But the thing to see is whether Trump turns into a never-ending Mussolini type of failure or whether he can recover from it.

Even if he recovers, I don’t think it can be any time soon. I think he is about to face business "sanctions" like never in his life.

If Trump should survive and continue forward anyway in the years to come, then I still think murdering him will be what they will do. But I would think that is a couple of years away.

Trump got rid of the Jew Henry Kissinger, which pleases me greatly. And maybe he will have to get rid of more and more Jews. But will he be savvy enough to realise this?

In some respects, the most interesting part of the Trump story seems to be about to begin.

It does look like it will be a ruthless culture war, HOWEVER, the Whites, and Trump, are NOT READY for the intensity of the battle and the ruthlessness of their leftist opponents.

I think some of the most interesting stuff might begin on 20th January … but if we see it fizzle out, then we know they flattened Trump yet again. We will need to see if he does have the determination and energy to keep going forward.

I have even wondered if Trump’s marriage will last.

I don’t think there’s a thing that is sacred that they won’t try to destroy.

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