TOP SECRET: US Election MASSIVE FRAUD – Trump actually won by 80%


[One of my readers made this comment about the election, which has really been bothering a lot of us, and even I began getting concerned. He says that Trump actually got 80% of the votes!!!! Now that MAKES SENSE. That is what whites were reporting. This is incredible. If 80% of the nation voted for him, that is FABULOUS. Then with the Liberal scum stealing the election… then it also lays the foundations for DISCREDITING THE SYSTEM, and that is actually good. It will be like 911 and COVID where whites begin asking more and more questions. Jan]

Here’s what the reader wrote:

9:07 p.m., Friday Nov. 6

One Mere Member wrote:

The fact that all legitimate ballots had a watermark now points to Trump winning the election by 80% some reports say. I hope they are right.

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