I was watching a short video someone did recently, on JewTube, where someone was looking at various super rich families, especially American ones, which they went on to say "Had lost all their money". And in and among this, were the ROTHSCHILDS.

You won’t see the Rothschilds listed as the richest people on the planet, but I’m convinced they are.

Back in the time of Napoleon, the Rothschilds of Britain, were so wealthy that they literally OWNED the British economy. It’s like the Jewish Oppenheimers of South Africa who OWNED 70% of the entire economy. The Rothschilds become so wealthy that they could OWN multiple European countries.

I’m convinced that the super super super rich …
2. Their wealth is unknown because most of it is NOT in public companies.

  1. They hide their wealth in private companies.

It is my BELIEF and SUSPICION, that the Greatest Secret in the British government is that the Rothschilds literally own Britain and dictate all economic policy.

It is my belief that the Rothschilds are totally protected by the British Government, Military, Police and spies because they are Britain’s BIGGEST SECRET ASSET.

I have a South African friend who moved to the UK many years ago and I managed to get him to do a bit of digging and even he said to me that the Rothschilds are worth AT LEAST $1 trillion – at a minimum.

I think the true wealth of the super rich is much higher than what is published in these lists of the rich.

I have noticed for example, the wealth of the Jewish Oppenheimers of South Africa moving up and down strangely, and lately, they’ve even totally disappeared off the lists of the richest in South Africa. This is totally impossible. They can’t have disappeared. They still live here and have huge investments. I am certain this is due to them either moving money out of the country or moving it out of public companies into private ones.

Furthermore, I think the Rothschilds, create and spawn OTHER SUPER RICH.

I would not be surprised if the Rothschilds have attempted and are close to, owning most of the world’s economy.

This could well explain why Britain is as utterly weird, and totally full of shit as it is, towards the rest of Europe … because in secret they have a global secret weapon… the ROTHSCHILDS.

I wish we could dig more into this family. I’m certain this is a BRITISH MILITARY SECRET and the whole government, military, intelligence system hides this secret.

That silly Half-Jewish Island needs to be invaded by Europeans and made White and honest again in the future. It’s a damned nuisance island that has plagued and driven Europeans crazy for hundreds of years now, especially in the last 300 years since the Jews returned there and got the British to hack their own king’s head off.

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