Top German General’s Sons were killed in battle in WW2

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I should point out that in the memoirs of German Generals that I’ve been reading, that they had young sons who were just at the age of doing military service, and in their memoirs they all mention their own sons. Guderian, Keitel and Von Manstein mention their sons and how proud they are of their boys in the German Army. Von Manstein specifically mentions that his son is a Good Christian boy.

At various times they see their sons again and they are very happy.

But in the case of Keitel and Von Manstein, their sons end up getting killed. And it is a terrible experience for them and their wives. Keitel is so concerned by the reaction of his wife, who is elsewhere at the time of their son’s death, that he sends a Doctor to give her the bad news in case she suffers some kind of medical problem like a heart attack.

Both men are deeply pained by the death of their sons.

The Germans in that sense are a very honourable people. They go and they face the bullets themselves, and everyone pulls their own weight. That is very awesome.

Keitel I might add, mentions the dirty side of the British war against the Germans. I will discuss that separately.

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