There’s only 1 future… Inflation and later HYPER INFLATION worldwide…

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This is a quick note. In this Jewish chaos in which we live … all this junk and madness around us. There are many people who are concerned about COLLAPSE and the COLLAPSE of nations and civilisation.

My own view, after studying these things, is that things like THE GREAT RESET and COLLAPSE are not really likely easily. I urge people to watch my video about Professor Quigley and The Evolution of Civilisation – so you can understand how the US Elite think.

I’m convinced that the US Elite are in a corner, and they’ve shown clearly that they will print money by the truckload or shipload … rather than let things collapse and rather than let the rich fail. But they’re doing it in various cunning ways. So the process of inflation is only just starting to take off, but they’ll keep on doing this. They’re willing to do very unnatural and insane things as long as it benefits the rich and super rich.

So I think the long term will ultimately be worldwide hyperinflation even. They must do this because EVERYTHING IS AT STAKE. And rather than let EVERYTHING COLLAPSE, they will rather print their way out of it.

The best way to survive HYPERINFLATION IS: Buy physical things. Buy property, buy any kind of physical asset. e.g property. Invest in things YOU WILL NEED. So even things like food, etc will have a long term value.

We’re heading into a wild world run by scum basically. Scum … liars, fools, crooks, degenerates, etc.

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