The White Man’s Bible: The Church of Creativity could be AWESOME one day for White Unity

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Video: How the Jews and Russians taught the Blacks Propaganda and Communism
In this video we take a really close look at what the Jews and the Russians taught the Blacks who wanted to fight the Whites in South Africa. What exactly did the Jews, like Joe Slovo, tell the Blacks? What exactly were the Russians hoping to achieve in southern Africa in general and in South Africa in particular? How do the Blacks of southern Africa view Putin today and the Russians now?

[I wrote this note to a guy who is a firm supporter of Ben Klassen's Church of Creativity. I still think that the Church could totally smoke one day. It would be an AWESOME THING. Jan]

I wrote:
I love what Ben Klassen tried to do, and I think that the Church needs to come properly to life in the future. I know old folks in SA, Boers, who actually attended a real church of creativity in PRETORIA, which is the capital of South Africa. It was run by a Professor. This church can be made to work and it can be a beautiful thing. In South Africa, quietly, the CHRISTIAN CHURCHES have been DYING.

Creativity could be an awesome thing. It just needs a bit of money and organisation one day. Going to a Creativity Church could be awesome. It could be a way of uniting ALL WHITES and making them happy and bringing them together. I see so much potential for it. But it will still take a lot of work. Jews are smashing everything we Whites do. Ben did good work. I have great respect for his thinking.

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Video: Professor Quigley: The Jewish Rothschilds and the History of Banking and Money
Professor Quigley was hated by the White Right in the 1960s. The bulk of this video is 40 pages specially removed from his 1966 book, Tragedy and Hope, which deal with the Jewish Rothschilds, banking and Whites and Jews who played a big role in capitalism.

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