The Ukrainians WERE NAZIS – Definitely… WESTERN UKRAINIANS were NAZIS!

Just a note, I got a banned documentary, and it confirmed what I knew and told a whole lot more. In a nutshell, the Ukrainians in the West were NAZIS. They became NAZIS in WW2. They also killed Jews. I’m not talking about the big Jewish holocaust crap like Babi Yar. I’m talking about killing Jewish civilians. Beating them, etc. I was sure that I had come across such things before where the Ukrainians beat and even killed some of the Jewish scum who lived among them. And this is definitely true. The Ukrainians also had a leader and they were real NAZIS and they worked with the Germans. Those Ukrainians were mostly in the West of Ukraine.

So as I suspected Ukrainians were NAZIS and they even tried to create their own NAZI state even after WW2. They even fought a war against the Russians.

So we do have good, racial, European people there.

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