The Texas School Shooting … school almost exclusively NON-WHITE… – No WHITE SUPREMACY HERE!


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This is the GREATEST POLITICAL SECRET in South African history. This is the never before told story of the Jewish machinations behind the assassination of Dr Hendrik Verwoerd. This has been a secret for decades. Jews have made every attempt to hide this bombshell.

If you go to the link below, and just browse through the photos you’ll see that there are hardly any Whites in the school. It seems to me less than 10% of the people in the school were White. So it was an angry young Mexican boy who popped granny and went to do some killing.

Anyhow, so White Supremacy, or Whites have virtually nothing to do with this. I think the cop who popped the Mexican boy was White. If anything a WHITE MALE SAVED THE DAY.

But Jews, and the incredible Jew tool Biden, want to use the emotion of the day and the mothers to rush off and take away the guns of Whites. The real fear and real goal of the Jews is to disarm American society SO THAT WHITE MEN CAN’T GO MOWING DOWN JEWS IN THE FUTURE. That’s the real Jewish goal here.

Here is a link with some photos:

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