The Swedes were once upon a time very militaristic, very clever & kickass … but not any more

[The Swedes even now produce some fascinating military stuff. They are clever people. Just a few centuries back these Christianised Vikings were very kick ass and could really fight. It's hard to believe, but Sweden was a MILITARY POWER and it could deal out some freaking blows. But now the Jews have been at work and they're ruled by Feminists. It's so sad. I would like to see Nordic Resistance running Sweden and Scandinavia. Jan]

A retired American military officer I know commented to me about the Swedes like this:

The Swedes used to be very innovative in war machinery, but then Feminists took over the Country and all the men are seriously cucked.

I have no respect for the Marxist Scandanavians and Germans.

But I do admire the Slavic nations, they are not having any of this Zionist inspired Social decadence.

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