The Super Rich Jew Oppenheimers owners of the Mines that belonged to the Boers!


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In South Africa, the richest Jews are the Oppenheimers. They owned/own Anglo-American. They are the richest Jews in the country and very possibly the richest Jews in Africa.

They were so wealthy that in the time of Dr Hendrik Verwoerd, that according to the Hoek Report they owned 70% of the South African economy including ALL the English-speaking newspapers.

They used to openly be listed in South Africa as the wealthiest people in the country, but I’ve been watching their "official" wealth statistics over the years. It seems to me that they are moving their money around a lot and possibly even hiding it in private businesses that are not monitored or they are removing it from the country altogether.

I no longer see them listed as the wealthiest people in SA even though I have been told that secretly, Anglo-American is buying up White farm land and are the largest landowners in the country. That’s what someone said to me.

They, along with the White traitor globalist Anton Rupert, donated huge amounts of money to the South African government at the start of the junk COVID pandemic.

They definitely support the Black Jewish President of South Africa, Ramaphosa.

It appears to me the Oppenheimers are now linked to the Afrikaans organisation Afriforum, but they might also be moving around and hiding either/cash or themselves in some way.

They are behaving in a dodgy way. They might be feeling uncertain about the future of South Africa.


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