The Stupid war in Israel: My views on the Jewish claims that they will FIX GAZA in the future!

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[This is a note I wrote to someone who mentioned that the Jews claim they'll fix Gaza. Jan]

I wrote:
I very much doubt the Jews will fix gaza. The goal is clearly to attack them and kill them and try to drive them out. But I’m very impressed at how the Gazans are holding out. This war has been a big flop for the Jews. It’s awesome. I am really amazed at how useless Israel is despite INSANE AMOUNTS OF TOP NOTCH US WEAPONS. We Whites in Africa never had even a tiny percentage of the weapons the Jews have in Israel. I cannot see Israel expanding. The Jews are stuck there and all their enemies hate them. I just wish the Arabs were more unified. But it’s so funny. This war has been one of the biggest Jew flops ever. And the whole world hates them and all the Jews outside Israel have had to lie in support of israel. It’s been one big cockup.

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