The RWANDA PLAN: The Best Thing Boris Johnson tried to do for the White British


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[The Rwanda plan to send Blacks and illegals to an African country is the best thing anyone in Britain has ever tried to do in recent decades. It's actually quite a weak, pathetic plan, but it's the best thing that ever came out of anyone in Britain in the last several decades. And this seems to be a Boris Johnson move. So again, I must say, Boris is not a total bag of shit. He clearly does not like Blacks and I picked up that he had made racist remarks. The true answer to illegal immigrants is to do what Ben Klassen the creator of The Church of Creativity said: Machine-guns!!! Absolutely. The problem is easily solved. But in these Jewishfaggot 2020s, the Rwanda plan is I suppose the best anyone can do. Johnson was paying a Black country to take in Blacks, and of course the Black country loves the money! It's sort of like slavery in reverse.It's pathetic, but it's the best Whites can do. So Johnson is not a total bag of crap. He has huge failings in other ways. But if Johnson can send a few Blacks back to Africa from Jewish Britain, it shows what is possible. Jan]

Here’s an excerpt from a story about his popularity collapsing:-
Another government plan – to send some illegal immigrants to Rwanda – has also been severely criticized by the opposition and various human rights groups. The first flight carrying migrants to the African country was grounded on Tuesday because of last-minute legal challenges.


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