The richest people in South Africa: One Black, One Jew and 3 Afrikaners

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[I don't know if any of the Afrikaners are crypto Jews. They seem to me to be real Afrikaners. Nicky Oppenheimer, the Jewish representative of the Rothschilds, is no longer listed as the richest one. But he used to be the richest person in all of Africa. I suspect he is hiding his wealth. He may have moved some of it outside of South Africa. There are photos of the rich scum at the source link below. Jan]

Five dollar billionaires reside in South Africa – Johann Rupert, Nicky Oppenheimer, Patrice Motsepe, Koos Becker, and Michiel Le Roux.

They are all dollar billionaires, meaning South Africa is home to just over 25% of the continent’s billionaires.

However, these tycoons all have one thing in common: they are over 60.

Patrice Motsepe is the youngest billionaire at 61, while the DeBeers diamond fortune heir – Nicky Oppenheimer – is the oldest at 77.

An interesting point to note is that the Co-Founder of Capitec Bank, Michiel Le Roux, has seen a significant decline in his net worth, losing approximately $200 million since the start of this year.

Between January 2022 and February 2023, the rand’s depreciation and underperformance of Le Roux’s stake in Capitec Bank caused his net worth to fall by more than $800 million from $1.8 billion to $1 billion, reported Billionaires Africa.

Another telling sign Le Roux has lost his dollar billionaire status is that Forbes’time tracking of billionaires no longer has him listed. However, his last recorded net worth was $1 billion.

Johann Rupert is still the wealthiest man in South Africa in 2023, with a net worth of $11.9 billion, gaining $1.6 billion since January this year.

Another interesting observation is that two of South Africa’s billionaires – Johann Rupert and Nicky Oppenheimer – inherited much of their wealth while the others created most of it.

Below is a breakdown of each billionaire and how they made their fortune.

Johann Rupert

Age: 72
Net worth: $11.9 billion (approx. R217.4 billion)

When Johann Rupert’s father, Anton Rupert, founded the cigarette company Voorbrand in the 1940s, he wouldn’t have foreseen the sprawling business empire that has made his family the wealthiest in the country.

Voorbrand became Rembrandt, and Rembrandt was then split to form Remgro and Richemont – a decision that Rupert was instrumental in pushing through.

Johann Rupert is one of South Africa’s most successful and best-known businessmen in his own right, with investments in many top South African and international companies.

Richemont is in the business of luxury goods. The company owns luxury brands, including Cartier and Montblanc, which have been incredibly successful.

Remgro is a holding company for dozens of prominent businesses, including Discovery, Outsurance, Mediclinic, Distell, RCL Foods, and Total Energies. His companies have created many jobs in the country, and his family commits large sums of money to charity annually.

Nicky Oppenheimer

Age: 77
Net worth: $8.3 billion (approx. R151.6 billion)

Nicky Oppenheimer inherited an incredible fortune from the De Beers group – the world’s leading diamond mining company.

Oppenheimer’s father, Harry, was the chairman of De Beers and the mining giant Anglo American. He oversaw the world’s coal, diamonds, gold, and platinum suppliers.

Nicky Oppenheimer decided to sell 40% of De Beers to Anglo in 2012, which raised $5.2 billion in cash. He then started Fireblade Aviation in 2014, which operates chartered flights.

The Oppenheimer family contribute to conservation efforts in Southern Africa and owns 720 square miles of land across South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique.

Patrice Motsepe

Age: 61
Net worth: $2.6 billion (approx. R47.5 billion)

Motsepe initially made his fortune through mining interests. He started Foundation Mining in 1994 – his first significant business venture. His rise in the mining sector was meteoric from there.

Motsepe took African Rainbow Minerals (ARM) public in 2002, which has interests in a wide range of mines, including platinum, coal, iron, copper, and gold.

He also started African Rainbow Capital which has a stake in many prominent businesses in the country, including Rain, Afrimat, and TymeBank.

He owns around 18% of Sanlam, the largest insurance provider in the country, through an investment trust which is the empowerment partner for the insurer.

Koos Bekker

Age: 70
Net worth: $2.4 billion (approx. R43.8 billion)
Naspers koos bekker

As the former CEO of Naspers, Becker led the media group to one of the most significant venture investments ever when the company acquired a third of the Chinese technology company Tencent.

Tencent is currently the twelve biggest company in the world, and Naspers has thrived as a result.

Becker retired as CEO in 2014 and returned as chairman of the company in 2015, where he remains to this day.

Michiel Le Roux

Age: 73
Net worth: $1 billion (approx. R18.3 billion)

Le Roux founded Capitec in 2001, which has grown meteorically since then. He was chairman of Capitec for almost ten years and still owns approximately 11% of the bank.

Le Roux trained as a lawyer but never practised law. He had previous banking experience with Boland Bank before starting Capitec with Riaan Stassen, who was the first CEO of the bank.


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