The real purpose of COVID: Who EXACTLY did they set out to KILL? … My Thoughts

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I’ve been thinking about COVID as an "operational plan", to kill people because that is what we’ve been talking about among ourselves for long.

So the question is, WHO EXACTLY did (((they))) set out to KILL?

Because if you’re going to kill lots of people there has to be a target … a military reason.

I don’t think they’ll be killing the vast majority of the Earth’s population. That doesn’t make sense to me.

And if you set out to kill people you know who the target is that you’re going after. You don’t just kill randomly. You aim for a specific group and you must know UP FRONT who that group will be.

So when I look at what we know about COVID (which is really just another form of flu actually), then the only thing that makes sense to me is that they set out to kill OLD PEOPLE. Perhaps, the goal was to kill OLD WHITE PEOPLE ESPECIALLY.

Perhaps the purpose would then be to kill the OLD WHITE PEOPLE because they are enlightening the younger White people?

So if there is a goal, then this is the closest I can get to having some kind of logical military thinking as to who and why.

And yes, then the Jews could well be behind this, because Fauci, who is really the CREATOR of this pandemic is a big ally of … ISRAEL.

This could be a Jewish way to try to stop "antisemitism" in the long run. Just kill all the older people so you can dumb down the younger ones.

This is the only thought that makes sense to me.

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