The Plot Against Christianity: A woman whose life was changed by Jewish Communism in 1931

[Here is an excerpt about the American woman Elizabeth Dilling who became an anti-communist activist and who realised the Jews were out to destroy Christianity and the USA. This is how she changed when she visited the Soviet Union in 1931. I wish we could see some of the film footage and photos that she had. She wrote a book called The Plot against Christianity which was about Jews and what they intend doing to America and to Christians. Jan]

Who is Elizabeth Dilling?
Our family trip to Red Russia in 1931 started my dedication to anti-Communism. We were
taken behind the scenes by friends working for the Soviet Government and saw deplorable
conditions, first hand.

We were appalled, not only at the forced labor, the squalid crowded living quarters, the
breadline ration card workers’ stores, the mothers pushing wheelbarrows and the begging children
of the State nurseries besieging us.

The open virulent anti-Christ campaign, everywhere, was a shock. In public places were the
tirades by loud speaker, in Russian (our friends translated). Atheist cartoons representing Christ
as a villain, a drunk, the object of a cannibalistic orgy (Holy Communion); as an oppressor of
labor; again as trash being dumped from a wheelbarrow by the Soviet “Five-Year-Plan”–these
lurid cartoons filled the big bulletin boards in the churches our Soviet guides took us to visit.
In the Museum of the Revolution we were shown a huge world map. As our Guide turned a
switch, lights came on indicating the places all over the world where Communist Party
headquarters were then functioning. Proudly our Guide announced: “Our world revolution will
start with China and end with the UNITED STATES”.

“O, NO! Not THAT”, was my thought. But, country by country, the boast has been steadily
advancing. I took pictures of the anti-Christ posters on the porch of St. Isaac’s Cathedral in

Russia Changes My Life
We were taken to the beautiful Church of the Redeemer in Moscow which was then, we were
told, about to be dynamited to make way for a “Palace of Soviets”. There was a display of fullsized
mannikins dressed in the robes of the Church carrying on the Good Friday Footwashing
ceremony. Our Guide rasped: “This was to show that if the Archbishop could wash the feet of
the humble priest the poor should endure their sufferings without complaint! Religion was
always for the suppression of the people, to keep them working from dawn to late at night under
the lash!”

I thought of our Savior washing the feet of His Disciples as an example, and telling them that
he who would be great among you should be the servant of all (John 13:13-15; Matt. 23:11). I
glanced up at the exquisite stained glass window of Christ, about to be demolished, and a little
tear trickled down my cheek as I thought: “I can never hate You like that!” (I did not know then
that the Pharisee Talmud gives Him FIVE sadistic deaths today).

Staying at my hotel was the representative of a foreign country. He told me of the police
terror; how the last manager of that hotel had been whisked off in the middle of the night by the
“Black Mariah”–like millions of others never to be seen again. Some of our party had been taken
to the police station; they had laughed in a movie theatre. They were released when they
explained that they had laughed at a private joke, not at the picture (which was Soviet-made).
After this, and more, I returned to the “NICE” North Shore of Chicago where the “intelligentsia”
were rendering brainwashed reverence to the “great Soviet Experiment”.

Behind the backs of the careless Guides I had taken movies of the rickety trains, etc., in
Russia. By chance I started showing these movies to patriotic audiences, my husband running the
projector as I told the story. Articles written for a little local newspaper were reprinted by the
DAR and larger and larger groups called for my talks: District meetings of the Legion; the
Military Intelligence; churches from coast to coast. I was recommended for all Chambers of
Commerce, and spoke for the Minneapolis, Cleveland, Los Angeles, etc., groups. I broadcast
over the Moody Bible Institute radio and its head became my closest friend to her death. Dr.
Ironside introduced me as the only woman he had ever asked to occupy his pulpit in the Moody
Church. I spoke in the great church of Dr. W. B. Riley, organizer of the World Fundamentalist
Assn., my defender to his death. I frequently spoke in Detroit churches and on numerous
occasions was entertained at the executives’ table at the Ford plant. Henry Ford (who never
changed his mind about the role of Jewry) had me write (1939) a report on the U. of Michigan
(80 pages). He contributed that year $5,000 to the cost of my office labor which cost $12,000
that year. The head of the National Sojourners had me airmail my two books to Sen. Royal
Copeland to give to Vice Pres. Garner who, I was told, stayed up all night reading them and had
his friend Cong. Dies of Texas start up the Dies Committee on Un-American Activities (later
called the House Com.) as a result.

The hub of world Jewish anti-Christ power, the financial and industrial power best described
in Rev. 18:11-, is the AMERICAN JEWISH COMMITTEE with its B’nai B’rith brotherhood,
and its “secret police”, smear and ruin arm, the Anti-Defamation League. After having pushed a
reluctant USA into World War II–to spread Communism across the earth, and with its first
world base, Soviet Russia, as our “ally”, it was decided to crush all ANTI-COMMUNISTS by
trying them as “Fascists, Nazis”. A series of indictments against some 30 anti-Communists, of
which I was one, was engineered by the American Jewish Committee, in 1942, 1943, 1944. The
1942 indictment never came to trial. The 1943 indictment was dismissed in Washington by
Judge Adkins. Only the 1944 indictment went to trial under a stooge judge Eicher. An
unbelievable farce was staged without any legality or fact. After the death of judge Eicher, the
case was dismissed by Judge Bolitha Laws with the scathing denunciation that it had been a
crime to hold those people on trial all that time without a single piece of evidence in accordance
with the charge being introduced by the prosecution against ANY defendant. The Communist
press had been gloating that the “sedition trial” was part of the “Moscow Purge trials” then in
session all over Europe. I reproduced the item on one of my Bulletins, sent to every

Background of E. D.
Travel in more than 60 countries convinced me that the USA had the greatest system of
government, and was the most fortunate nation on earth. I did not want it Sovietized,
collectivized. Careful research and documentation have resulted in the fact that nothing I have
ever printed has, to date, been refuted by friend or foe


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