The Only reason Russia could beat Germany in WW2 was because of evil American help

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[The simple fact is that the British and Americans were NOT the "great heroes" of WW2. Instead they were the toadies of the Jews and they went to murder Germans and destroy Europe because they were furthering the goals of the Jews and they had no respect and loyalty to other Whites. Other dumb Whites, like us Rhodesians, South Africans, Australians and others engaged in this madness. Jan]

This is what I wrote to an American lady:-

Thanks for this. It looks really interesting. However, do you know that Stalin got 18,000 aircraft from the USA? The entire Luftwaffe was only 12,000 aircraft.

They flew something like 5,000 aircraft from the USA, across Alaska to Russia in one instance.
The only reason Russia beat the Germans was probably due to mainly US military aid, and to a lesser degree British aid.

But a repeat of this may be happening now with the way China has been turned into the main enemy of the USA and the West.

Same old repeat game. In the 1920s, the "rich" from America were building huge factories in Russia which went on to help Russia become the threat that it became.

"Capitalism" was at work! Horrific but true.

Another American supporter of mine added in this, which is also exactly true:

What beat Germany was that EVERY country in the world, all controlled by JEWS, was attacking Germany. They did a remarkable job considering.

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