The One Civilisation Level problem no Whites in our long history EVEr solved…

[This is a note I wrote to some people during a discussion. Jan]

I must tell you, that I don’t see how Whites can survive in the future without all Whites becoming very, very HARD.

We will have to be harder than we’ve ever been. HARDER THAN OUR FOREFATHERS.

We will have to openly deny non-Whites and Jews access to our groups, our areas, etc.
We have to. We will have to actively CHASE THEM OUT of our groups, organisations and territories.

I cannot see how Whites anywhere will be able to survive in any other way.

All Whites are ducking and diving and avoiding the key issue. But for our survival in the future, we will have to be absolutely open about it.

We CANNOT let ourselves be immersed by others. If we do, we’ll be gone.

We, as a race, have one problem in all our history of tens of thousands of years that we have NEVER SOLVED.

We never solved the problem of how to handle our nations/empires/civilisations when, DUE TO OUR EXTREME SUCCESS – EVERYONE ELSE WANTED TO GET IN.

That is our real problem. And the only way out is for us to part ways with the others. But we’ve never done that consciously. And we will need to this time, or we’ll be gone.

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